Do You wish to step fully into Self Mastery?

My ultimate desire is to guide fellow Ascension Pioneers into their personal Self mastery. Many teachings of Self Mastery can feel very dull or outdated with a lot of information and little practice, so I was guided to create easy courses that are fun and easy to enjoy. I hope that You will join me on this magical carpet ride as we rise above it all, expand in our Soul and become Masters of the Self!


Those initiates who are truly walking a path of Self mastery know that we are always being initiated into a new level of Being, according to our expanding consciousness, for that is the very nature of our "I AM-ness." We understand that our journey is not directed towards goals and achievements, but dedication to that first and most Primal Source of our Existence. That is the sacred/holy Fire within. That is the Holy Spirit that runs through all Life in Creation. That inner Source only expands and expands, and that is why when we live our Prime Self, we also translate that into the very nature of our physical reality. We live as One with our Source, and so our only dedication is to expand and seed New Life in Creation. We expand the most through Joy, not through pain as we were told in the old, through many stagnant dogmas and beliefs. We were taught (even through spiritual teachings) that we must suffer until we awaken and Self realize. That is simply not true. The path of Self mastery can be joyful and Self fulfilling! 

We can choose to transcend anything, and that is why the moment when we remember who we truly are, we can begin to live and experience that as well through Divine Love. The "I AM-ness" of our inner Source is not just our unique authenticity somewhere "out there", in the Heavens. It can be fully experienced here and Now, and we don't have to suffer or deny our physical reality in order to attain it. Our physical reality in fact, carries very important keys for our true Ascension. Otherwise we would not be here and we would not have chosen this experience. We were not forced into it, and no one is controlling us, unless we still believe that and feed that reality power. But when we truly awaken to our independent and sovereign Presence within, we begin to live a life of inner Bliss and Power. In that perspective, we realize that our experiences only reflect what we are still choosing. Our Self mastery comes through awareness, and awareness is not only our mental knowing. Awareness is that pure state of our initiated Self, when we know and Exist as that knowing on all levels. Only that prime knowing can truly alter our choices and therefore the experiences of the reality that we are co-creating from inside out. 

As we walk through our rites of passage, we will be shown every single step of the Way!

A new level of our Self initiation begins Now! Are You ready to become your own Master Sovereign? Are You ready to go deeper into your Self Mastery as the initiate of Spirit?

Prepare by getting my "Living as a Master Sovereign" audio course here!


The energy exchange is 27 EUR.

This audio course is designed for all the sovereign Masters in training, initiates of Spirit and Ascension Pioneers who are on their path of complete Self mastery of the Sovereign Soul Self and potentially physical Ascension. If You feel this to be your calling and path in Life, this audio course will help You to further activate this and live it daily in your life. The course is meant to help You to bring this consciously into your daily reality and personal relationships with others and the world at large, to eventually become a complete sovereign within your own Soul domain. If this resonates with You, then You are guided by your Soul to further integrate this Wisdom.

The course will be sent to your e-mail inbox as an MP3 download!

Watch a short video presentation about my Mastery courses here!

These Mastery courses are designed to "spark up" our inner Mastery, which is an ascending journey of constant expansion and continuation. Self mastery is a process of infinite expansion, for there is always more to master and expand into. That is why these courses are designed to highlight the most specific initiations that every ascending Soul moves through.

Each Mastery course is meant as an upgrade of the previous one, because they are meant to serve as subsequent Self initiations as we move deeper into the "I AM" and creating through our Divine Self. Therefore it is highly recommended that You take them one after another and slowly integrate them into your Being!

These are private YouTube video links, which are sent to You via e-mail!

It best to take the information of the courses in slowly and take the proper time to gradually integrate it through your own Soul awareness!

You can take them separately or altogether!


Each Mastery class levels 1-7 is 33 EUR, and ALL 7 initiation courses together are available at a discount, which is 199 EUR instead of 231 EUR (scroll to the end of the list)!!! 


The Advanced class level 8 is 44 EUR

The Advanced class level 9 is 55 EUR

The Advanced class level 10 is 66 EUR

The Advanced class level 11 is 77 EUR

  The Advanced class level 12 is 88 EUR

The synthesis class level 13 is 96 EUR


Divine Trinity Life Force package (10% off)

All Mastery courses package (without the 13th synthesis) (20% off)




NOTE: Personal Self Mastery/Galactic Soul portraits are available in the Self Mastery section of the page! 


"Dear Polona Aurea, the mastery courses 1-7 are a 10/10 priceless masterpiece. I have experienced a profound inner shift which if you had told me before I watched the courses, I wouldn't have believed you. And many more inner shifts on a conscious and subconscious level. You articulate everything so crystal clear, with fantastic practical exercise to embody what you are teaching. I have watched courses 1-7 twice and will happily watch them again many, many more times in the future, to extract all the pearls of wisdom contained in the courses. Thank you so much for creating the mastery courses. I am eternally grateful!" (Thomas Scarrott)


Here are all the primary 7 courses/Spirit initiations in my classroom with additional Advanced level Mastery courses & packages!




Mastery course: Aligning with Spirit

As You join this class, You will learn more about how to align with Spirit and become your own ultimate guide. The practical exercises will help You to strengthen your own unique way of Divine knowing.



Mastery course: Mastering Divine Trust


As You join this class, You will learn more about how to master Divine Trust through your "I AM" and unifying the inner polarities. By becoming a Master of Trust, You become the sovereign of your own Divine experience.



Mastery course: Self empowerment & Ascension


As You join this class, You will learn more about how to stand fully in your Source Power and the nature of Divine Will. Then You will be able to master the understanding of physical Ascension process.



Mastery course: Mastering Divine Focus 


As You join this class, You will be able to learn more about the basic Creation process, work with your inner vision and bring all the necessary elements together in order to master focus for Self expression in Spirit manifestation.



Mastery course: Soul alchemy & sacred sexuality 


As You join this class, You will be able to learn more about co-creating through Soul alchemy, which is the nature of Soul creation. The Art of Soul alchemy flows through our sacred sexuality, so You will be able to claim your own "tantric" Life Force in order to co-create with the Divine.



Mastery course: Crystalline Soul nature

As You join this class, You will be able to learn more about the nature of the Soul, the crystalline Realms of Illumination and the Celestial Origin of the Angelic Self. The course will also help You with how to sustain and maintain the level of pure crystalline frequency of the celestial Self.


Mastery course: Mastering Polarity & Twin Soul

As You join this class, You will be able to learn about mastering polarity in Unity consciousness of eternity and infinity as One/Source and Creation, while understanding the nature of our Twin Soul Essence as a unique Spark of Core Creation Self.



Take all the courses at a discount energy exchange here!


Thank You for joining!!!


As You take the basic 7 courses, You can enter into the next chapter of Soul initiation, which extends beyond the individual Soul sovereign, moving into the Group Soul consciousness and working on greater levels of Universal Divine service!



Advanced Mastery course: Group Soul consciousness & Enlightened Partnership


As You join this advanced level Mastery course, You will enter into the higher ascended realms of Group Soul/Oversoul consciousness and learn about the nature of enlightened partnership while increasing the level of commitment and devotion to a higher calling and Divine service on extended levels of Group Soul complex! From here on, it gets really fun and exciting to live in Self Mastery and become a part of a much greater Group level in Universal service within the White Brotherhood collective of Unity consciousness!



Advanced Mastery course: Solar consciousness



As You join this advanced Mastery course, You will learn about the meaning of Solar consciousness and the interconnected nature of All Life in the Grand Design. This level can also be referred to as the Christed level of Being, where we are fully unified in our crystalline understanding and embodiment in Human form. This course is an extended 2,5 hour long course with an in depth research into the nature of our Solar system, the Galactic center and our own Self realized nature within that through spirituality, astrology and even astronomy. This level requires the highest Union of all personal aspects and developing a personal level of Stellar awareness that is synchronized with that.



Advanced Mastery course: Tantrika Life Force & Galactic Pulse of Light mastery (2 PARTS)






 As You join this advanced level Mastery course comprised of 2 videos, You will learn all about the nature of the Primordial Life Force, the sacred Life Force breath and Kriya yoga mastery, with the advance teachings of the Tantrika yoga path and Life force cultivation with the spiritualization of your Life force through a deepened work of Creation Principles. The first part is an extended 5,5 hour long course with an extensive emphasis on becoming the Master of your inner Being through both longevity and immortality as You step into your journey of physical Ascension. The second part is a 1 hour long BONUS video with an emphasis on Galactic Pulse of Light mastery with an advanced Breath work technique to upgrade your consciousness. It holds an emphasis on brain expansion from linear into Galactic consciousness, in order to be able to receive, process and integrate the consciousness from the Galactic Core which comes as Core Vortex/sound frequency. This is advanced mastery that is not intended for personal healing but rather working with expanding consciousness that moves out from linear, time-space based, multidimensional and eventually Galactic consciousness. Therefore it needs to be practiced only after the first part is fully understood and integrated. It has to be approached with great awareness and steady practice. This serves as a preparation for the embodiment of a Galactic Human/New Human!

This course comes together with a 44 min long LIGHT ACTIVATION for learning to cultivate the sacred Life Force breath for constant Self regeneration, rejuvenation and birthing. You can get this activation here separately as an automatic mp3 download to practice on your own!


The Tantrika Light activation for Life Force mastery is an additional tool (to accompany the course), intended to activate, cultivate and spiritualize our Life Force as we learn to go deeper into our fully embodied Essence of Divinity. It promotes conscious breath work, polarity unification and the cultivation of the sacred breath of Life.

Energy exchange: 13 USD



Advanced Mastery course: Galactic Human embodiment & planetary service


As You join this advanced Mastery course, You will learn about the nature of becoming a Galactic Human embodiment. This is an extended 4 hour long course which focuses on Life Force mastery through manifestation through pure Spirit/Life Force alone, multidimensional awareness of time/timelines and understanding the natural laws, the Galactic decree/mission, the higher chakric system and the New body template. This course comes together with many additional exercises and a Light activation through the High council consciousness, by embracing the Multidimensional Cosmic Master Self that is also a planetary server of Life through Life Force infusion. In this way, You will learn to become a true planetary advocate as a New Human, steward and guardian.


In parallel to this course, I have developed a COSMIC DANCE FOR THE GALACTIC HUMAN COURSE for increasing organic Life Force body intelligence and learning about Life Force cultivation, translation and infusion to activate Cosmic mastery.

Galactic Human embodiment & Cosmic dance package

You can take these two courses together for a reduced energy exchange (99 EUR instead of 104 EUR)!!!



Advanced Mastery course: Cosmic Union/Ascension


  As You join this advanced Mastery course, You will learn about the nature of Cosmic mastery and how the journey of personal mastery leads into an eventual unification and synthesis process called Cosmic Union. This is an extended 5,5 hour long course which focuses on many topics which are important to consider in the activation of Universal consciousness, such as Cosmic mastery, Divine orchestration of Life, Divine archetypes, Cosmic Creation design, Cosmic Union and sacred birthing. The aim of this course is to unify all the gathered aspects and lead towards the integration of Stellar and Human, and Yin/Yang aspects which merge the vertical and horizontal, through the embodiment of Spirit into matter as immaculate concept. The inner Spirit intelligence and Light technology of this alchemical merge is described in detail, which creates a template of higher understanding in its multidimensional nature. This course comes together with many additional exercises and a Light activation that supports that unification process. You will learn to become fully unified as the embodied "I AM" Presence in Human form. This is where spiritual, heart and physical Ascension become One and we integrate Cosmic Bliss on all levels of our Being and Human experience.

This course comes together with a 35 min long LIGHT ACTIVATION for practicing the unification process of Cosmic embodiment. You can get this activation here separately as an automatic mp3 download to practice on your own!



The Cosmic Union/Ascension Light activation for embodied Life Force mastery is an additional tool (to accompany the course), intended to activate the integration process required for embodied Union. It joins the Cosmic Serpent breath of Life for I AM embodiment, the Source Eros fusion of Prime Creation, liberation of main sacred birthing portals in the physical body and the activation of Joy on all levels of these Divine Primaries to activate Cosmic Bliss for Cosmic Ascension through immaculate concept, which includes spiritual, heart and physical Ascension.

Energy exchange: 13 USD



Synthesis Mastery course: Mastery of illumined Creation & embodying Elohim consciousness


As You join this synthesis Mastery course, You will learn about the very nature of Creation through Holy Spirit and Elohim consciousness. In order to become a Master of illumined Creation, we must first become fully illumined within our own Being ourselves. This process requires us to undergo the process which is sovereign, dimensional and whole in its Essence, which makes our Creation fully illumined. This builds the inner template of illumined Mastery within our own body as the House/Home of Spirit, to become the vessel for the Light of Holy Spirit and illumined Creation. This is an extended 7 hour long course which focuses on the nature of Creation, Creation laws and Creation formula. The aim of this course is to guide the initiate of Spirit through their own process of creative template from all perspectives and variables. By unifying all of these through the so-called dimensional infusion, we can eventually born a synthesis of the Self or the "Diamond Heart". This Heart of the Elohim is the primary Seal of Creation through which we then learn to create everything in our reality. This course comes together with many practical examples and exercises and a Light activation that supports the process of inner illumination. You will learn to become an embodied Master of illumined Creation who works through "I AM Elohim" consciousness.


This course comes together with a 50 min long LIGHT ACTIVATION for practicing the mastery of illumination. You can get this activation here separately as an automatic mp3 download to practice on your own!




 The illumined Creation Light activation is an additional tool (to accompany the course), intended to activate the integration process required for the embodiment of Elohim consciousness. The illumined Creation Light activation is a journey into becoming your own Master of illumined Creation. This means that your creation becomes sovereign, dimensional, and fully unified, which makes it illumined in its totality. The wholeness of this journey embraces your Cosmic Egg of Creation or the primordial Self, the "I AM Elohim" consciousness activation, and awakening your own chalice of Life for the ultimate process of Life giving and co-creation with the Holy Spirit.



Energy exchange: 13 USD




There are two main packages available for the Mastery courses.



This package deal includes Tantrika Life Force Mastery course, Cosmic dance for the Galactic Human course & Cosmic Union/Ascension course. The price is 164 EUR (instead of 181 EUR) with a 10% discount.



This package deal includes all 12 Mastery courses together (without the 13th synthesis course). The price is 450 EUR (instead of 561 EUR) with a 20% discount.

"Dear Polona, I'm still watching your course, rewatching some parts even 2-3 times, bedtime breathing techniques as well. I have to say that this course trumps (no pun intended) them all. Seriously, it's outstanding!" (Tom McDonough)

"Dear Polona! Here is my feedback regarding the courses. First, the combination of Mastering Divine Trust and Being a Sovereign Being audio course has been very good regarding what I was looking for. Since I studied them I thought about the tools you give and apply them in the now moment, especially while experiencing dense energies. I did like the "I AM" exercises. I like the way you present theory and practice. I see some changes in the way I trust my sovereignty, and I feel that I trust myself and my gifts more, and those are big steps on my journey. Thank You!" (Anne Lise)


"Dear Polona Aurea, I did study the Tantrika path mastery course and I really enjoyed following it and I loved it, both theory and practice! It is a very complete and clear course. Thank you very much for your very dedicated work and creation. I have integrated the yogi routine along my daily life, and I already feel a wonderful change within me. I feel that it is a path of discipline and devotion, and of great beauty and empowerment. Thank You!" (Anne Lise)


"Wow, Polona! I'm so glad I took the next step with your Twin Soul mastery course. The content was the perfect dose of challenging for me as, although I didn't have the context of the other mastery courses, it was well delivered by you as an individual subject area. In this sense, it is perfect for those who have a specific interest, such as the Beloved, like me. Your powerful opening words, "this mastery lies in finding harmony and serenity even amidst chaos" really resonated with me. I have been inspired thanks to you to find an inner balance and harmony irregardless of apparent obstacles in my current reality. The course taught me to see things in a deep, layered and meaningful way, rather than allowing polarities to rule my mind and existence. And crucially, for us to look within to reunite with our own Twin Soul nature. Bravo! Many thanks for your wisdom shared." (Tania Chick)

"Dear Polona, I am so grateful that my Soul has guided me to you! The Tantrika mastery course is the synthesis of what I have been looking for, it is so profound and yet practical and you presented all the subjects with so much grace and wisdom. I am now devoted to this path. I have been studying and practicing your teachings on the Tantrika Life Force and Galactic Pulse of Light Mastery for a few days now and it's really amazing how I am becoming into new levels of Self mastery every day. I got tears of bliss after practicing the sacred breath of life at the beach and an instant knowing of my true purpose. Everything was speaking to me, the birds, the small sparks of light I see in the air. I am entering into a new beautiful phase. I am even feeling those tears of bliss and the pull on my crown chakra which I have never felt before. I am very excited and will continue to embrace this path. I will keep doing my best and I just wanted to give you a big thank you for sharing your beautiful Essence, your videos, courses and inspiration. I love you dear!" (Sonia Carolina González)


"Dear Polona Aurea Dawn, You have exceeded my expectations with the level 10 Tantrika mastery course, it is mesmerizing and my expectations were sky high, knowing the quality of the mastery series. This is a fantastic in depth fully comprehensive course on the Tantrika, everything is laid out and presented nicely from the theory to the practical. I like that the course is beneficial for beginners to intermediate and more advanced individuals as I am more of a beginner. The Light activation alone is worth the price of the course. I'm super excited to slowly integrate this practice into my lifestyle. This is my favorite course out of the astonishing mastery series, you continue to blow my mind away and guide me to expand my consciousness through Ascension. It is truly an honor to be learning from you, I and many others learning from you are blessed with your presence, you are so wise, humble and devoted, a true Master. Thank you so much for creating the level 10 advanced mastery course, I am forever grateful!" (Thomas Scarrott)


"I just listened to the course it and it was wonderful! I found it to be so helpful. Thank you for doing this! I will be sure to/want to listen to each one. Of course this is all in Divine timing as now is the time for the practical application of what we are talking about and not just theoretical. There is so much going on right now as we ascend that having these practical tools is invaluable. Thank you so much and I love it!" (Lisa Rayburn)


"Dear Polona, the advanced mastery course was great, thank you so much for your inspiring words and suggestions (also in your free YouTube videos), it`s so much work for you! I'm so interested to learn more and more, I'm only in the beginning stages but I'm fascinated by it all! Thanks a lot and many blessings!" (Bettina Graf)


"Hi, Polona Aurea Dawn! I wanted to let you know that I loved the first course, Aligning with Spirit. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track. I absolutely love the exercises and have seen so many ways Spirit has been connecting with me and sharing with me. I am implementing this on a daily basis, which is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!" (Stacy Stehle)


"I have the first two of your mastery courses and I LOVE them!!! I love to have them playing in the background while I work so they seep through deep subconscious levels and initiate powerful healing. My intention is by the time I go through the last one, I get to feel crystal clear connection and knowing of why I AM here on Earth. Thank You for helping me remember by living, being and evolving in your own magnificent authenticity! Much love and gratitude!" (Sonia Todorova) 


 "Great care and depth is within the Mastery course. Beautifully conveyed and flowing divinely, opening the space for embodiment rather than mere theory. Your presentation is such that one feels like they are sitting within your direct presence and having a personal lesson. How magical!" (Sharon Martyn)


"Your first Mastery course was beyond expectation. I'll re-watch soon. Very, very well done and worth every penny of energy exchange, I might add!" (Tom McDonough) 


"Love your Mastery Teachings!!!" (Cheryl Cooper)


"The video came through as hoped for! After watching the first one I know that 1 per day until I catch up will be sufficient. I'm somewhat in awe at how many "do a slight tweak here and a small adjustment there " type of things came to me as I watched and listened. It all must be the right thing at the right time as I'm getting a sense that this is going to be enjoyable and will have a lasting meaningful impact. My sincere thank You!" (Darwin McIvor)


"Feedback on your Mastery course Aligning with Spirit: I LOVE IT! Just finished listening through it for the second time and put it on a private playlist on my YT channel so I can find it again easily. And your oracle cards are super nice!" (Peter Chorao)


"Your course on aligning with Spirit, besides giving very detailed explanations, includes exercises that are based on the imagination of what suits me very well. In any case, the video that I watched and exercises that I have applied are a step forward in my understanding of communication with Spirit and trusting it." (Zoran Subotič)