Welcome to the sacred space of pure crystalline Light!

Join me as we enter the realms of our inner Self in deep Spirit initiation! All of my Light activations are designed to provide a higher vibrational space of sacred attunement. When we engage in such activations through Spirit, we call in our Highest aspects to come into our physical form through Essence embodiment.

I AM constantly growing and expanding, and so are You. I constantly add New Light activations and Spirit channeling here:



Step into your role as an Ascension Pioneer with this powerful video Light activation full of Divine Remembrance!


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The Sacred Rose & the Cosmic Christ Light activation is channeled and designed to awaken the feminine and masculine Christ polarities of the Cosmic Christ to transform, transmute and transfigure our Being through the activation of the sacred Rose principle and the resurrection of it through our physical embodiment. This is in alignment with the crystalline consciousness and deep planetary integration. This is a 33 minutes long sacred journey of deep initiation, activation and Light integration!

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 The Cosmic Self Light activation is channeled and designed to awaken the Essence level of conscious embodiment, through which we can become the ultimate unique expression of our Source in the immaculate conception, wholeness and perfection of Being. It is a walk through a web of Life held together by Cosmic consciousness in Divine Love, acting as a Gateway into Cosmic Union and Ascension. This re-patterning within the Core Self aligns our Light DNA and cells with the New program held at the Essence level of consciousness. This is a 1-hour sacred journey of deep initiation, activation and Light integration!

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The energy exchange is 15 USD


The DNA Light activation for an illumined Human is designed to awaken the DNA understanding on the level of prime Light DNA which translates into our physical DNA. In this process we become our own Divine Source authority, a co-creator with Life and a governing force of Light through the Spirit Life Force infusion. This creates a powerful healing dynamic for magic and miracles in terms of the Soul's healing abilities. In Essence, it serves our Ascension into the illumined/unified Self as we activate, integrate and re-write our DNA as the New Human. This is a 1-hour sacred journey of deep initiation, activation and Light integration! 

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The energy exchange is 15 USD



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You can either get each Light activation separately or together as one Light package of all 12 for a reduced energy exchange. Each individual activation is 13 USD, and all together are 88 EUR (instead of 156 USD). The separate activations are sent via a web host and the entire Light package will be sent to You in Divine timing via your e-mail, so You need to provide the right address!

Light activations package (all 12)



1. New Life/Divine Self Light activation 

In this Light activation, You begin to tap into your New Life through your Divine Self. It takes You on a profound journey of your choice for Ascension.

2. Self Mastery Light activation

  In this Light activation, You connect with your overlighting Master guide and attune to your own Master Self. This activation is all about your personal initiation!

3. Purity/White Ray Light activation

  In this Light activation, You begin to activate your Cosmic Purity and stand as a radiant Pillar of Light. You commit to serving all Life in Creation in Unity consciousness.

4. Seraphim/Creation Self Light activation

 In this Light activation, You connect to your own Angelic Self and make contact with the Majestic Seraphim who hold the vision of your Divine blueprint.

5. Angelic/Celestial Self Light activation


In this Light activation, You are taken on a beautiful journey of Divine remembrance, deep into your Celestial origin, for the purpose of becoming an Angelic Human here on Earth, reclaiming back your Angelic Wings and embodying your Divine Grace.

6. Twin Soul Reunion Light activation


In this Light activation, You are taken on a beautiful journey of reuniting with your true Beloved within. As You step into your true Divinity by releasing all that is not authentic to You, You deeply merge with your Soul and meet your Divine counterpart in Unity consciousness and sacred marriage.

7. Universal Abundance Light activation


In this Light activation, You are presented with the understanding of the sacred Holy Trinity and the aspect of your eternal and infinite nature. Through this, You activate the Universal Abundance of pure potential to co-create without any limitations, in pure freedom of Being.

8. Cosmic service Light activation

In this Cosmic service Light activation, You are presented with the understanding of a much wider group Soul complex and how we serve within it as Cosmic Masters devoted to Unity consciousness and Universal brotherhood/sisterhood. With this activation You will activate the most natural flow of devotional service by simply becoming the true You as You exist in your authentic Soul nature and moving into deeper group Soul levels!

9. Shambhala Light activation


In this Shambhala Light activation, You are guided to visit the inner planes of Shambhala, the sacred Pool of Masters of Light, through devoted preparation in consciousness! You will learn about the inner planes of Being and how to attain the awareness of bringing this Light into your physical embodiment and become Holy.

10. Divine Healing Light activation


In this Divine Healing Light activation, You are guided to merge and unify your liquid Light body/Light body plasmic Self and the physical body on this Earth plane. You become in charge of your own physicality and the vibration of your electrons as You learn to fully trust the natural healing/wholeness of your physical body, merging the Light and Love aspect of your Self, Source/I AM and Creation Self in Unity consciousness.

11. Journey into the New Earth Light activation

In this New Earth Light activation, You are guided to your Core Self template and the 64 Creation Pillars to travel into the consciousness space of your New Self as pure Essence and the so-called New Earth. You can tune into your refined Self and your purpose in the consciousness of the New Earth that You are helping to co-create.


12. Ascension White Mother Flame Light activation

In this Ascension White Mother Flame Light activation, You are guided to reclaim your personal sovereign Self, your infinite Self, your ascended Master Self and your inner knower Self as You shield yourself with pure White Light and travel into any space of density in the Essence of the White Mother Flame in Unity consciousness. You welcome yourself into the Truth of your I AM.

May You meditate away on the wings of Divine Love ... and enter into your sacred Temple!


"Oh, Dear Polona! What a gift the New Earth Light activation is! It is so deeply transformative. I have let myself to be completely taken away. I felt that my brain got "switched off" so that I could not consciously follow your words, but somehow I deeply felt what is happening and where I’m traveling. I also had intense body sensations throughout the activation, like electricity moving through my body. Coming out of this meditation truly felt like arriving to something brand New. Thank You so much for your help to facilitate our journey to the New Earth! What you share is helping me in so many levels: makes me think, gives me "AHA" moments, confirms my intuitive knowing and many times challenges me to open up more and more. Thank You! With love and light! (Fazakas Orsolya)


"Polona, thanks so much for the gift of the Shambhala light activation! It was incredible, beautiful and expanded my awareness of who I am even more. I am looking forward to doing it again.  Switching from one experience to the next helps me connect to my multidimensional self in a new way. I do not know how you come up with these ideas, but please keep them coming! Sending love and blessings to you!" (Colin Beebe)


"Polona, I recently bought your Twin Soul Union Light activation and it is so beautiful I can actually hear the voice of Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit speak through you - it is so Holy and Sacred. It has helped me to connect to the Divine masculine aspect of myself and is helping to fully embody the energy of the Beloved within me so that this can manifest into form." (Kiren Elizabeth)


"Dear Polona, your Light activation was so strong that I actually had difficulties with concentrating on that magical Shambhala trip. I just felt like crying almost constantly. Thank you infinitely for what you do." (Doris Pereira)


"Dear Polona! I love the energy of your personal Light activation/meditation ... it's brilliant. It has changed my life down to a cellular level. I encourage every one to get a Light activation. I am full of love and light. Thank you again!" (Leora Leon)


"Thank you for our session and for your patience and most importantly for me for your non-judgement. I would also like to share that I had a profound experience off the light activation I bought from you. My Higher Self gave me a baby that was almost developed but not quite - I went to hand it back before I came out of the meditation but I was told I could keep it. The baby was moved through my crown into my womb and a silver umbilical chord connected it to my I AM - when I came out of meditation I felt pregnant again for sometime afterwards. The baby was symbolic of my creative endeavors rather than a physical baby at that point but the feeling was blissful and I really wanted to share that with you. Thank you for walking with me through this difficult time, I felt absolute connection in our session which was precious for me. With Love!" (Natalie Johnson)


"Last night, I received the Angelic Self Light activation and I experienced a huge energy shift/download. My whole body was tingling with this energy. Thank you for this awesome Soul Gift! Oh yes. I felt something in my back!" (Jackie Sier Faith)