What is a Life Force retreat?

One of my most sacred desires as a Creation Pillar in devotion to Spirit is creating a sacred gathering space for Life Force retreats which reflect the "As above, so below" Principle of Divine Creation and physical Ascension. This sacred space is meant to reflect illumined retreats and its Light is meant to hold the space for many ascending Souls through illumined Ascension that I came here to embody. This is a highly refined vision, and I AM a dreamer of Spirit where all things manifest in perfect Divine timing. The true meaning of the word "RETREAT" does not imply being absent or "away" in any kind of way. It actually means to fully embody the Essence of Life as its manifesting itself through the Life Force of Holy Spirit, which eventually and ultimately leads to the embodiment of Cosmic Christ.

Watch my mini "journeying" documentary about the Heart of the Alps and the mission of a Creation Pillar!



There are many and several portals into the New Earth template on the planet. In Truth, each Creation point/Pillar has its own corresponding earthly embodiment in a Human form. What does this mean and what is the purpose of a Creation Pillar in Human form? As the sacred Ascension flame was carried throughout the many lands, it was decided where each Ray of the New Earth meridians would be, and so the great call went out to the sacred Guardians of these Creation Essences, the so-called 64 Creation Pillars that hold within them the perfected design of the New Earth template. These sacred Guardians are Ancient Beings, the Galactic and Celestial Guardians of the Great legacy of the Stars that came into Being at the Prime Spark in the Great Divine Design, the Divine Plan of Perfection, for this planet from the very beginning of its Creation. The sacred Guardians have held this sacred template from the very beginning of time, ans so as the Great 64 Pillars representing the Flower of Life (sacred Dakinis)/seals of Creation came into Being, each held within them their highest level of purity of the immaculate Design. Each Creation Pillar, known to All Life in Creation as a Creation Angel, was completely aligned with its mission and purpose, to the very last detail. They hold this design in the Higher Realms, and as they descend they anchor the "As above so below" Creation Truth. They are descending down through the ethereal energies, dropping into the physical form only through the Majestic Creation Pillar "anchor point" that they are associated with.


"As Above, so Below!"


My personal Creation anchor point is being rooted through my own embodiment, wherever I AM. I AM called to co-create is something of a refined level, descending from the etheric planes into this physical realm through Divine orchestration. My personal desire and Soul purpose is to work with those devoted individuals/initiates of Ascension who understand the benefits of being devoted to the path of Self mastery and dedication to Spirit as the Cosmic Christ. As a Creation Pillar of the White Ray, I AM here to provide this through a space of high frequency that provides the right physical attunement for this to take place as in "Heaven on Earth", being surrounded by great Majestic Beauty of Divine Creation.

What is the sacred fire of the White Ray Essence?

The White Ray is a synthesizing Ray of Unity consciousness that promotes harmony and simplicity of Being, Soul liberation and true embodied freedom of the Soul. The White Ray is required as a synthesis of all of the natural elements, as well as all other rays of embodiment. The White Light is the Light of the Absolute Truth, which is required for all true spiritual seekers, aspirants and Initiates that are seeking to embody Divine Truth and Perfection of the Holy Spirit. When the Initiate of Spirit is ready to ascend on a Soul level, they are first required to perform a synthesis of all of their experiences of the Soul and the previously mastered cycles. Through the White Ray, one is ready to clear away absolutely everything that is no longer beneficial for the Soul and its genuine evolution, and enter into a completely new cycle of experience of Being. Through a sacred purification act and ritual, the Soul is ready to become crystallized and pure in its authentic Essence of the Prime Light. The Soul is ready to ascend, descend, and illuminate through its experience of the overlighted Mastery.

My own demonstration of a Life Force sacred "retreat" is held through my own embodiment. In Spirit language, the word "El-ven" means full of Life. This is the Elven Way full of embodied Life Force!


Physical Ascension is supposed to be devoted, joyful and celebratory, so let's live Life as a sacred offering of Holy Spirit!