How to connect with Spirit?

Here You can find an ARCHIVE of my channeled messages/activations/sessions that are Gifts of Spirit which come through my personal channeled work.


This is a channeled Spirit message about the art of conscious sacred space, in which we learn about becoming One with all Life in Spirit instead of pursuing to be informed externally. To be in-formed from the Core of our Being is to live in Union with Spirit and All Life. Spirit speaks about the energy of the so-called "great overwhelm" which is strongly present in our current world and moves through the various streams of information and helps us to move deeper into our Core knowing of the Self.
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Creating from the Core activation is a powerful tool to help You connect with the feeling level of your Heart, in order to activate and enter your personal Creation Vortex. It can assist You in activating your powerful gifts of awakening Life to a new consciousness level of pure Spirit potential, entering a doorway of your Creator Self. As You activate your Core, You enter into a sacred space of consciously engaging with energy and playing with its creative potential at the level of pure Spirit, which is pure Life.
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Do You wish to merge all aspects of yourself and step into your multidimensional superpowers? The conscious usage of the Dreamworld is the way of the Galactic shamans. As we grow and expand, New aspects of the Self will want to come and join the Wholeness of who we are, and we are here to embrace them with great allowance as they bring new Soul gifts and abilities to our conscious awareness and physical embodiment. The Dreamworld mastery activation is a most powerful tool for connecting to the Ancient wisdom stored within our Light DNA and accessing it through our conscious and subconscious selves, in order to become the master of the Dreamworld. Here we begin to work with the archetypes of Light language in order to illuminate all that is born of separation and step into the Wisdom of multidimensional mastery through expansion via dimensions and realms.This is a 1-hour journey through the inner Self exploration and accessing the Dreamworld as a conscious Master of Self. You can use this activation to enter into different aspects and versions of yourself (multidimensionally) each time as You enter into this sacred space.
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The Art of allowing activation through the "I AM Love" is a powerful tool to help You embrace your ultimate Self beyond all illusions of separation, points of inception, programing within duality, etc. It is an activation of Source consciousness within which honors the Highest principle of Love, where Love is allowed to be expressed in any way and form, regardless of any seeming circumstance. 
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Life beyond limitation activation is a powerful tool of inner connection and resonance, a sacred space in which we are free to Be the Love we wish to see in the world. By witnessing the world as an expression of ourselves we consciously bring Unity consciousness into it through our own infusion of creativity which is born of Love, as the ultimate expression of Self. We are not here to discover the "ultimate Truth", but rather the Truth of the ultimate Self as the expression of Love as Spirit in form.
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