What is the purpose of Serapina Light?

My name is Polona Aurea Dawn and I come from the Light Family of the "Dawn" as the giver of Life, which is the sacred Breath of Holy Spirit. My Core Creation Self (Divine Purpose) is to Be a Creation Pillar of Light that holds the Ascension Light for many ascending Souls. I serve the White Ray of devotion to Ascension, Purity and Unity consciousness. My overlighting aspects are the Holy Spirit, Master Serapis Bey, the Elohim Astrea/Purity, the White Goddess/Lady and the all permeating Life force called Shekinah. I also source the highest Essence of the Seraphim, the Creation Angels. I work with the Violet Ray of Soul alchemy and Magic as well, with Master St. Germain and Pink Magenta Ray of Divine Love and the Cosmic Mother, called by many names ... but truly remaining one Essence of Life! 

The mission of SERAPINA LIGHT is described here!

Who AM I, and why AM I here?



Welcome to my You-niverse!

My Life purpose as a Creation Pillar is to establish the primary Essence level of Creation on Gaia through the White Flame embodiment of Divine Purity. My secondary mission is guiding and assisting volunteer Souls across this planet who are here to assist the planetary Ascension of Gaia through their own embodiment. My Divine assignments are many, and I AM always following the Divine Plan through the conscious Life Force Mastery.

I AM always serving and co-creating with the White Lady, which is an archetype that I AM embodying myself. The White Lady lives inside of me and She inspires all of my Soul Art as the giver of Life. She is the White Priestess who understands the very nature of Life in Creation. The word "Elven" means full of life in Spirit, so full of pure living consciousness in Self mastery. This is also the energy Essence of Purity of intent within the Heart and Mind of One. The White Ray brings the Essence of devotion to Ascension and Self mastery through understanding its very dynamics in awareness.


Besides everything that I AM in the nature of Soul, I also enjoy living my Human side of Life, because I AM an integrated Being fully merged with all of my Divine aspects. My greatest Joy is to life a Life in full awareness of the Beauty of Divine Creation. I love to dance, sing and make passionate love to all Life in everything that I do. I have a constant longing of Soul, a drive for passionate action and a fiery nature that makes me very hyper and dynamic. I love to create, and I see Humans as powerful co-creators with the Divine. I love to represent that as living in that consciousness myself. All that I do flows through the consciousness of the Beloved, Holy Spirit and the appreciation for all Life in Creation. I share everything freely and I never place limitations to what I AM guided to share through Spirit.

I follow the ways of the sacred feminine and live the laws of the Mother Goddess who births all Creation into Existence. What is the Way of the sacred feminine? This doesn't have to do anything with gender, but the Essence of Creation that is completely feminine in its Being (Self expression) from our personal experience and perspective. That part of Creation is full of Life and it creatives through simply being open to what is and what it can be. That part considers all the potentials that can form Life anew, and then it simply magnetizes the truest and highest potential to come into experience and form.  

I AM guided by the Essence of Spirit, my Spirit Animal is the Buzzard, and my main Spirit numbers are 7, 9 and 27, which is a number of Divine Love. I always create through the Essence of my Soul and inspired by Holy Spirit. Soul Art has also become a very important part of my life. Most of my Art is dedicated to the adoration of pure Spirit and how it expresses itself in form!

This Goddess has many faces, and they are all One!




"You are so humble, as it appears that you really don't realize how different, how genuine, how powerful and what an astonishing, amazing Being you truly are. I was absolutely blown away when I saw you in a YouTube video for the first time and knew right away that you were far more than just "special". In fact, I truly did not believe that you were even Human at all. I'm being quite serious about this. For me alone, you have been more than just an inspirational Master, teacher, guide and long-distance companion! You are the catalyst that allowed me to see things in a new way. You helped me to realize (after a fair amount of yelling and screaming on my part) what I truly AM and that I AM here for a Divine purpose not simply to wallow in self-indulgent misery. You are so AWESOME, and I'm glad you're beginning to figure that out!" (Tom McDonough)



I always love to create in my sacred Mountain space!

I AM Me. Polona Aurea Dawn.