Sharing freely!

Sharing freely and giving of the Heart is the way of the New. Please consider the fact that all my sharing is done freely through unconditional Love, so it's mostly donation based. 

My main purpose and desire is to share the Light of Ascension, radiate with Seraphim's Light and share everything in my Wisdom as freely as I can with everyone. Spirit is guiding me to provide all the content in the form of Ascension updates, articles, blogs and video blogs for free and without any expectations. If You feel that my sharing inspires and uplifts You in your personal Ascension, then any energy exchange in a form of a donation is most welcome and can further support me on my journey of expansion of my services!

If You feel that You somehow benefit from the Spirit guidance that I provide freely via my Light contribution to the Whole, please make a donation that supports this work of Divine service.

Your humble donations are most appreciated and valued!


Every donation as a support of my Spirit work will receive an oracle gift of illumination!

So much Gratitude in advance!



You can Now also become a more actively engaged supporter of Ascension Pioneers, Serapina Light and Elven Ascension on my PATREON page!

You can watch my video on sacred Fellowship here!

If You are guided to support my Divine mission, know that my aim is to connect to as many ascending individuals on the planet through the synthesizing White Ray as possible. I wish to organize Life Force gatherings and Elven Ascension retreats in pristine Nature vortices, and if You see yourself being a part of this amazing journey, come and join this mission as One Team of Light, where Spirit meets matter in Divine Love, Beauty and Grace! Only together we can turn this higher vision into pure living Reality!

Besides connecting with people all over the world in Truth, I have been guided to share free Ascension videos and blogs for many years, but Now the time has come to go further and begin a New Creation cycle that is here for all of us ... if we only will it so! With your support and co-operation, I can channel through much more with greater focus and resources.

This is my Life's mission and I will not stop at anything to bring through the sacred Divine Plan of Perfection for our Earthly Ascension, the so-called New Paradise! I have been guided on this journey for many devoted years, and Now the time has come to spread these wings even further and beyond the known where we expand together as One ... so welcome to the world Beyond ... our New Home! 

Thank You for your support of our New in advance!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn