The Essence of the White Lady


She walks through the streams of Light, 

Always keeping All in sight!

She cares for all near and far,

The Lady of White ... Elven Eldar!


Here You can find some of my photography that captures the Essence of the White Lady, the Elven/Angelic Queen, Nature Goddess and the embodiment of the Light of Holy Spirit/Tantrika! My desire is to anchor the template of the New Angelic Human in our natural state of Grace! Everyone has the potential to embody a higher refined Light through the increase of their unified tantric Life Force!


With Love, Wisdom & Power! 


"Words cannot describe your majestic Presence. You exude Light, Love and personal Power/energy in an intensity I have never ever witnessed before in my ancient lifetime! In fact, Polona, with your current level of energy/personal power, you'd run circles around the Energizer Bunny. With unconditional Love and big hugs!" (Tom McDonough)


"White Buffalo Woman!" (Elaina Campbell)