What is physical Ascension?

We are in intense shifting times, and a lot of Souls are choosing physical Ascension for the first time in the expansion of their Soul. This occurs when a Soul has went trough all the rites of passage and becomes ready on all levels. Eventually every Soul comes back "Home" through the Self realization of their own "I AM" Presence. A lot is culminating for us on our Ascension path at this important shift of the Ages. Things are Now coming up to the surface and as we begin to ascend, we begin to let the past go for good as we integrate our unique Soul. In this process we are bringing our internal polarities into inner integration in full Union, and this brings up all the energy that was previously neglected or suppressed through lack of awareness. It might have been something we were unwilling or unable to look right in the eyes, or we were too blinded by mere "Love and Light" that we were not able to see the Truth in deep discernment. The sacred alchemy of physical Ascension can only occur through the deepest integrity of Soul Union.

Physical Ascension is the unification of All aspects of Self, beginning with our primary Divine masculine and feminine Essence as One.
My purpose as a White Ray focus Being is dedication to the path of physical Ascension through Devotion, Purity, Harmony, Synthesis, Goddess Liberation, Life Force mastery & Vitality. I also operate on several other rays and Galactic rays of multidimensional Ascension, but my primary ray of Earth focus is the White Ray.

Have You ever wondered about your own RAY OF PURPOSE? I have created a mini course on 7 RAYS OF CREATION & THEIR PURPOSE IN ASCENSION. How do we serve on these various Rays as color extensions of Source? You can get the course/channeling here!

The energy exchange for this 2 HOUR course is 33 EUR

"That was potent. I did not know much about the Rays, so that was very insightful. So beautiful to have the gifts of all these Rays anchored more firmly in my awareness through this course. Thank You!" (Iona Ruth)

These are private YouTube video links, which are sent to You via e-mail!


The journey of physical Ascension through illumined Union is a journey of true mastery and bringing all the Trinity Principles of Life into physical embodiment. I have created a COURSE PACKAGE that focuses on all of these principles which assist our Human body Ascension through deep understanding and physical integration.

 The course consists of 3+1 parts. The Organic Ascension courses consist of: 

The Vessel Principle
The Life Force Principle
The Ascension Principles

 The BONUS course is about Cosmic Ray mastery, with the emphasis on Earth Core/template work of Cosmic Life Pulse and planetary Life Force unification, deep embodiment work and anchoring practice, as well as the understanding of the Fire body and advanced energy work practices.

The energy exchange for this 7,5 HOUR (3+1) course is 144 EUR

"Dear Polona Aurea Dawn! The Divine trinity package is an exemplary, eloquently & masterfully crafted jewel of a course. Such a rare and precious jewel can only be crafted by a master craftsman, one that’s truly devoted to selfless service, and has dedicated many hours behind the scenes with the experience necessary to consolidate this in a way that can be integrated quickly and optimally for others. This requires precision, patience, etc. and the key ingredients being, truth, devotion and love as the center piece binding it altogether. The sacred knowledge shared here is like being initiated into the ancient mystery schools in the comfort of your own home, truly bridging the gap between the old and the new. The result is, that the divine trinity package has given me a lighting fast and in depth comprehensive understanding of the Ascension principles. Of course there’s always more studying to be done, but the divine trinity package has given me a quantum leap in the right direction, as this is by far the fastest and best way anyone can begin their illumined Union Ascension journey and for that I am eternally grateful. With Love, honor and respect!" (Thomas Scarrott)



Welcome to the New Human Body course, which is a journey of physical Ascension through the merge of the illumined Light body consciousness and the evolving biological Human form. The New Human body is often described as the "crystalline" body or the "Rainbow" body, which is a creation within the New Human template. This is a highly intelligent Divine design that reflects the immaculate design of Divine Perfection and it therefore mimics the Source Code of our own unique design. The process of the New Body creation is quite an undertaking for all individuals within the sovereign Being path. It is a way of becoming Self born through the process of Self initiated genesis of Life. When the illumined aspects of us begin to operate through us in the Human form, the form itself begins to unify and therefore it begins to experience major changes in the physical body. The New Body design is based on an unconditional relationship between Spirit and body, which are merged in a way that co-creates the illumined body or the radiant body of Light, while we are still holding physical form. This occurs through the illumined/Light DNA translation into our physical DNA. This is the exact translation of our Source code into our Human design, which then becomes independent from all external forms of inception, manipulation and control based on first separation from Source that creates duality. The New Body is a sovereign Creation of our own unique design for Life that is created from the Essence level. In this course You will be taken through this process and the various influences that play a major role in it, in order to activate your New Body template and begin the "Self born" process integration.

The course consists of 2 parts. The first part focuses on the illumined template integration process, while the second part ("the addendum") goes deeper into the nature of mutation and physical assimilation.

The energy exchange for this 5 HOUR (4+1) course is 77 EUR

It best to take the information of the course in slowly and take the proper time to gradually integrate it through your own Soul awareness!

The New Human Body Light activation is an additional tool (to accompany the course), to work with for complete sovereign body mastery of a Self born Being.

Energy exchange: 13 USD




You can walk yourself into an understanding of the nature of physical Ascension with the Physical Ascension Gateway that I co-created together with Master Serapis Bey and Holy Spirit, for those who are seeking true Soul liberation in Unity consciousness. 

Note: This activation was channeled after a powerful 8-8-8 Mastery Gateway, and is therefore a calling for all those Initiates of Spirit who truly wish to step fully on the journey of physical Ascension.



You can also walk yourself into an understanding of the nature of becoming a Divine Lover of All Life in Creation, the embodiment of Purity and Divine Love, through the Blessing of the Holy Mother, the Giver of Life ... eventually becoming the Essence of Life Giver yourself!

Note: This activation was channeled during a powerful Divine Love Gateway on 15.8., which is Mother Mary's Assumption day of the Holy Mother celebration, and is therefore a calling for all those Initiates of Divine Love who truly wish to step fully on the journey of Divine Love embodiment in perfect Purity and Grace.

Physical Ascension is about becoming more and more crystalline in our conscious reality, merging crystalline Creation levels with our physical Being. This means that we are bringing the Light body illumined template into our physical form and helping to increase the Cosmic body intelligence of our current physical embodiment. We are beginning to understand and embody the Crystalline levels of Creation as ascending Humans, crystal children of Light and Masters of the New energy. And as we are creating new inner realms, we are becoming the New Homo Luminous, the NEW HUMANS.


The process that we call physical Ascension is a path of resurrection in physical Soul embodiment, and through this "synthesis" our Soul awareness might bring up deep feelings, Ascension "symptoms" and profound "aha" moments through great synchronicity. This is all good, because this is something that needs to be faced as an inner initiation. The way we relate to the world and create our personal reality is changing. When we are fully anchored in our Soul, we will only want to live through our fullest potential. Sometimes things that we still accept into our realty do not reflect that perfectly, and all situations, events and relationships do not fully mirror our internal state of devotion and compassion for others and the world. Sometimes the Human part blinds us to what is truly there as the Absolute. But our journey of physical Ascension is to integrate our Soul, which means to make our Human experience just as Divine as our Spirit. These are very tumultuous but beautiful times with amazing opportunities for Soul expansion. Those of us who continue to stay true and devoted to our Ascension integration can feel this deeply, because it's our inner focus and drive that is pushing out everything from the inside that still acts in resistance. Unity means to really embrace everything as it is without any excuses.
With the increased Light of the Liquid Light of Source things will change, and it's naturally so, because the only constant in the living reality of Existence is change. This pivotal time acts as a gateway, where we enter through the subconscious and the hidden and emerge on the other side through the aware, the conscious, the living. This doorway brings us an opportunity to alter our reality. Nothing will stay the same, because it's not meant to. For those true Ascension devotees, this is not only a change in our personal lives, for this living change affects us all as One, and for us this is always firstly and lastly about selfless service to the Truth of One. To serve the Light of Ascension in the Purity of One is not always an easy path, because it requires our utter focus and devotion. This path is not selfish and focused towards ourselves only ... this path is to become the Master of the Self in order to bring the light of Illumination to many of those "seeking" disciples ... who are those that feel so grateful and humble when in the Presence of the Great Truth. Those who are truly devoted will enter through this initiation feeling completely renewed and entering a new phase of Cosmic service in the Light of Holy Spirit. The expansion for those who enter this new cycle will be grand.

To serve the Great Divine Love through the Law of One is to master all the expressions and forms of Love as we know them, in all Life in Creation. When we embrace all of those Essences of the One on our Ascension path, we begin to become a fully integrated Human Being walking in the pure Light of the Holy Spirit. With this awareness, we know what it means to be stripped away of everything that does not emanate from pure Divine Love and our true Creation Self, such as all kinds of inauthentic traits, hidden or apparent, conscious or unconscious. The Soul that is ascending only yearns for complete alignment in Source consciousness.The Light of Unity is separating the "wheat from the chaff." We will show ourselves just how committed we are to the path of the Great Ones, which are those who already serve the Law of One, and those who are yet to walk in the Light of that Truth. It is an honor and not a privilege to serve the Light of Ascension. It is a blessing and it is a path of complete inner blossoming from the Core of our Christed Self. Only from there, true liberation comes forth. We know what the Great Masters and the Councils of Elders have spoken about for ages, and Now we live in a great Era where the Ascension Light is greater than ever before, and the opportunities for expansion in creativity are immense. That is why for those true devotees, commitment becomes the most important thing.

Through commitment we reach attainment and through that mastery we awaken the creative God Spark within us.This is where we leave all that is egoic behind, and here is where we enter the chambers of our Greater Self. Here is where we seek only Unity, and where separation is a thing of the past. With this, we will greatly merge with that which also seeks Ascension in same awareness and leave behind what does not follow that same commitment. It was never easy for those true disciples, as they had to walk through many rings of fire. Nothing just happens, for we are the ones who propel the changes, and that is why it's foolish not to live what we already know in our Soul. The great times of Ascension are here, and the inner blossoming does not happen on its own. The Great Masters knew this, and that is why they were also rather selective of their "disciples" because they knew that it takes great devotion to walk in that gnostic Truth. The key is to refine it each day, to master each step as it comes, and to continue to pass the Ascension torch forward, into the chambers of all Hearts united as One!

This is where it gets a lot more intense and committed for many on the Ascension path ... and those Souls know who they are! You are not alone ... so keep on walking! Your Light matters to many, and it illuminates like the Light of the thousand Suns!

It is time to level up some more ... and continue stepping up!
The Great Ones are calling us!
The Self is calling us!

Dive deep into your personal Ascension through the activation of the Ascension March, which holds the Light attunement to the White Ray of devotion to Ascension and Unity consciousness: