What is Holy Spirit?

You can deepen your Spirit connection with Divine Love through my Holy Spirit attunements!

My mission and desire is to help the initiates to find their own inner Spirit connection and master the way how it communicates through them rather than doing it for them! You can deepen your Soul journey through these offerings of Holy Spirit through Grace!

Holy Spirit is the pure Essence of Life. When we remember that we are embodied here as that very same Essence of Life, we remember our Source within and to co-create from that sacred space of Spirit Presence as it merges with the experience of our individualized and unique Soul. As we integrate ourselves in Christed consciousness, we become an intermediary for this Force of Life, the Essence of Spirit in form. And so we begin to co-create from our Core.
My mission as the embodiment of AUREA - THE SPIRIT of LIBERATION is to perform the Great liberation tactics. I created an entire LIBERATION WORK PLAYLIST here!

DOWNLOAD THE GIVER OF LIFE sacred song of Holy Spirit

This is the sacred Life giving principle known as the Goddess of All Life. By attuning to this sacred Principle of Life coming into form through the holy flame, we are working with ultimate purity in Life, the sacred fire within us, and the allowance of Life to unfold through us within immaculate design.


This is the song of Goddess liberation. Attuning to this transmission can assist You in your own process of deep liberation and resurrection, claiming your Self within the Mother's Holy flame.


DOWNLOAD THE GODDESS RISING sacred song of Holy Spirit

This is the song of Goddess rising. Attuning to this transmission can assist in embracing the path of true devotion and spiritual community in the One Heart of Unity consciousness, creating the circle of sovereign discipleship.

NOTE: The songs were channeled outside in Nature, so the sound and singing capacity aren't perfect, but the channeled moment is always pure perfection, and it is therefore delivered through Essence, which is something that cannot be controlled as the process unfolds.



For those who are true Spirit devotees and desire to work more closely with the Light, I have created a free Spirit gift. This is a PDF booklet available for download, which consists of the Declaration of Love and 13 Holy Spirit prayers. These prayers are important illumined Light invocations which You can use in your daily practice. My illumined Light council Team continues to stress the importance of prayer and the right usage of it, meaning that the intention of the invocation is always used for the greater good of All, which is how these prayers are designed as sacred offerings of Life.
This is a labor and a gift of Love from Spirit for everyone.




You can access my channeled Spirit drawings here! They are gifts of Holy Spirit that flow through me, for everyone who is ready and open to receive them with pure Love. They are gifts of pure Essence of Love and Cosmic Creation Principles.

Holy Spirit messages & Celestial attunements



Message 1: Holy Spirit introduction

Message 2: What is Grace?

Message 3: Divine guidance

Message 4: Divine abundance

Message 5: Divine I AM Essence

Message 6: Freedom of Life Force

Message 7: The Art of co-creation

What are the Seraphim?

The Seraphim are the level known as the "Creation Angels". "Serapina Light" came to me as an Essence of my Being, a higher level that I can attune to and bring through my conscious embodiment. As this came in so strongly, I got a vision to create a special painting of the angelic wings, and so Serapina Light came into Being. It continued with more sourced Art work that holds the frequency of the Seraphim, but mostly it comes through vibrational singing/toning. When we attune to this frequency, we tap into the purest forms of Creation and begin to co-create with it. With that, we become Divine Beauty in form!

The Seraphim hold the Core Creation Self of our Being, which is the Prime nature of our individualized Source Self, as we were birthed into Creation.

Now everyone can attune to the Creation Light by staying radiant and Pure!


Here You can attune to my free Seraphim Light activation!