What is the purpose of Life Force mastery?


"I AM "AUREA", a Tantrika Being and my Soul lineage is of an Elven Soul descent, a Divine Lover of All Life in Creation, a Giver of Life!"

My Soul group name is AUREUS, which literally means the descent of Holy Spirit's Life force. In Spirit we channel and orchestrate Divine Life Force as it is received from the Life giving aspect of Holy Spirit, which then has to move into Life in order to be distributed through Principles of Creation. In my earthly mission, I AM here to embody the Light of Cosmic Christ through my own Human counterpart.

The "OUREA" in Ancient Greek represents the Ancient Mountain Gods (Ourea = Mountains). In Greek mythology, the Ourea (Ancient Greek) were progeny of Gaia, members of the Greek primordial deities, who were the first-born elemental gods and goddesses. The "URAEUS" serpents are also known to us from the Egyptian mythology, and they represent the two coiling serpents that move from the base of our spine and move our kundalini Life force towards the pineal gland awakening and potential enlightenment.

What is a "Tantrika"? A Tantrika is a fully androgynous Being who is fully unified from within through both polarities (beyond gender), with the perfect Union of their Divine masculine, Divine feminine and Divine child, which creates a powerful triangulation of pure Soul Essence that is able to co-create with the Divine in perfect wholeness of that unified template. For a Tantrika Being, a Beloved Union is experienced as sacred Soul alchemy, an inner marriage of physical Ascension through which they are able to co-create and birth New Life forms in Creation. A Tantrika Being assists those individuals who are moving into their own Divine Union in perfect balance of Core Creation Self. A Tantrika is devoted to the path of Tantric Union and greater Cosmic Union. Therefore they experience themselves on a Creation level of pure unified Essence. They devote their lives to selfless service through their own sacred Union.

The purpose of LIFE FORCE INFUSION is to increase the intelligence of the Light quotient embodiment, through which we are creating the New/ascended Human body.

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The Human body is a Divine Creation, an intricate design, and an evolving template for higher learning and operability. The higher the consciousness of a Being, the higher the Life Force translation and wisdom of the body need to become, for the physical Ascension is an alchemical embodiment which takes place gradually by raising the Light quotient in the Human body. By becoming aware of this higher process of Life Force mastery and Ascension, we will be on the pathway of illuminating our bodies and the planetary template for the embodiment of Life.




Tune into the nature of the Tantrika Being of Light and the meaning of the sacred orgasmic Life force cultivation. The Tantrika & the sacred orgasm is a mini audio book which takes You to the very origin of Creation, the seed of Life in the Human genome and the wisdom and cultivation behind the sacred orgasm. It is channeled through Spirit and presented through the holy Tantrikas, the Creators of Life in their very Core nature, as Beings of Light.


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My Path is that of the Tantrika Soul, the Giver of Life. My devotion flows towards cultivating the purity of Life force in the physical Human experience, which is when the infinite Spirit Life force merges with our physical Life force which we are learning to cultivate through deep Presence, Self Mastery and the embodiment of Divine Love/Soul Union.


This powerful time is leading us into a strong Goddess Essence, which is the embodiment of pure delight in Creation. The Way of the sacred feminine is that allowance of the Self through deep pleasure and passion of Joy. We feel more inspired by the Way of the sacred Mother Goddess than ever before, which definitely means that we are moving into a more feminine way of Being as it merges with the sacred masculine in Union, surrendering the need to control everything and trusting life in its simplicity and natural guidance. Everything else is always in alignment when we are guided to simply create and focus on the Joy of our passionate Soul. What is deeply calling You at this time? Trust that calling!

Watch my Kundalini Shakti dance of Primordial Life Force awakening here!

What is the Primordial Life Force? It is the very Essence of Life expressed many times as "Holy Spirit" in Ancient scriptures, and yet it's something we can only have our own personal experience with as we expand in our own Life force. The Light, Love and Life Spark within us are expanding as we move ever deeper into our true Divine Presence! We are both Source, Creation and that which experiences it all! Enjoy the Magic within You, may it continue to stir up the primordial Life force within and may You rejoice in activating and embodying the Primordial Lie Force!




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Welcome to the Cosmic dance for the Galactic Human! What is Cosmic dance through Life Force, really? How can we attune to its Essence? This course is designed to increase your body's Divine intelligence. With the knowledge and embodiment of Life Force cultivation, translation and infusion, You will learn how to become an embodied Master of Life Force. This course provides both theory and practice with helpful exercises to attune to your Life Force body mastery. 

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"Cosmic dance is when your whole body speaks Light language of the infinite Life Force!" (Polona Aurea Dawn) 



Welcome to the Cosmic orgasm for illumination! What is Cosmic orgasm through Life Force cultivation? What is its meaning in Creation, and how can we attune to its Essence through practical usage of the orgasmic force? This course is designed to increase your body's Divine intelligence through the understanding of Cosmic orgasm and the bliss charged frequency of pure Creation. It describes the whole process of energy cultivation through guiding the Light quotient of the orgasmic charge in the intentional process which can be used for: personal healing and body restoration, complete Self regeneration and rejuvenation, anti-aging and Ascension process of DNA re-wiring, opening dimensional doorways and charging potential realities, creating an illumined reality and building the template for illumined Union, as well as for the purpose of planetary/Gaia healing and Cosmic service. It also brings the awareness of the womb wisdom, as well as womb yoga exercises and practicing the cultivation of pure flow, which is important for our embodied Ascension process.

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"Cosmic orgasm is a bliss charged frequency of pure living Creation, through which we can experience a complete merging with the Holy Shekinah!" (Polona Aurea Dawn) 


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I also developed the most profound mastery course called ... TANTRIKA LIFE FORCE MASTERY!!!


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NOTE: It's highly recommended to take the Tantrika Life Force mastery course before the Cosmic dance & orgasm courses, in order to learn the basics of Life force practice, or taking both (or even all three) courses together!




"Dear Polona! I used to sleep my way through intense energy activations, but I noticed that since I took your Tantrika Life Force Mastery course a few years ago, I can’t sleep at all and have to do energy work by staying still or doing specific breathing. I think your Presence and my choices are the reason I was able to become a conscious Pillar in the first place. If at any time you feel useless or like you are not doing enough because you cannot see any physical results, remember that you are a Rainbow Master Maker, and we are all very, very grateful for your work!" (Seheiah Ra)






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"The Tantrika Light activation for Life Force mastery is intended to activate, cultivate and spiritualize our Life Force as we learn to go deeper into our fully embodied Essence of Divinity. It promotes conscious breath work, polarity unification and the cultivation of the sacred breath of Life."

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My personal Tantrika cultivation comes through sacred dance as well, which is one of the purest forms of Source expression besides Divine music.


You can enjoy the sacred devotional dance of the White Goddess of Purity & Unity consciousness!

"The Divine Mother blesses All with Her holy Light,
The Mother Life Giver blesses All, always in spite.
Her Love and Power flow together as One,
As She merges with the eternal Light of the Sun.
The liquid Light of Grace in Her illuminates,
As She shines upon All Life to see,
Becoming the most potent Force of Unity,
Strengthening the evolving Light of our Humanity."

(Polona Aurea Dawn)

You can also WATCH my sacred devotional dances here!


Each devotional dance is of a specific Divine Essence and is meant to activate You on deep levels of Soul.


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"Wow, I am spell bound! Your dances are a celebration and the way your body shakes it makes something in me vibrate. True it is your Tantrika energy that touches me deeply! The dance is so beautifully tantric and sensual, and sometimes your movements are like you are shaking with orgasm and in those moments it feels like a huge energy circulation within." (Emanuel Pandey)


The Great Divine Mother, which the gnostics also called Pistis Sophia is the Divine Mother of all Life in Creation. She is the infinite Source of Divine potential made manifest. The White Mother Flame is the flame of Ascension in Unity consciousness, and we enter the White Mother Flame through our own individual Ray of purpose/focus, and then we connect through the Cosmic/Higher Heart, which is the inner Heart gateway into the Magenta Pink Ray, the Ray of Divine Mother's infinite Love. When we activate the Divine remembrance of ourselves as infinite Love, Wisdom and Power, we are ready to enter the sacred chambers of the White Mother Flame, which is the Flame of Ascension in Purity. When we understand our Self as the perfect sacred marriage of the Divine feminine and masculine polarities and archetypes of Creation, we understand ourselves as direct descendants of the Divine Mother and Father, so we have both the spark of inner Christ and the Holy Spirit within us. In this sacred knowing, we are completely whole and complete as a Being of Source perfection.

"The female Divinity of Gnosticism is Sophia, a being with many aspects and names. She is sometimes identified with the Holy Spirit itself but, according to her various capacities, is also the Universal Mother, the Mother of the Living or Resplendent Mother, the Power on High, She-of-the-left-hand (as opposed to Christ, understood as her husband and he of the Right Hand), as the Luxurious One, the Womb, the Virgin, the Wife of the Male, the Revealer of Perfect Mysteries, the Holy Dove of the Spirit, the Heavenly Mother, the Wandering One, or Elena (that is, Selene, the Moon). She was envisaged as the Psyche of the world and the female aspect of Logos." (Wikipedia)