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ponedeljek, 15. september 2014

Beloved Divine companions!

Welcome to Serapina Light, the sacred space of the Divine Mother Goddess, the Living Essence of all Life in Creation! The Holy Spirit is One with Source and guides us on our journey of personal Ascension. The Majestic Seraphim stand right there as the formless Divine, holding the Divine Blueprint of our Perfect Creation Self. The holy Elohim then make the formless Divinity manifest and bring infinite potentiality into form as Creation continues to expand through the CREATION PRINCIPLES, which is the emphasis of everything that I share in my selfless devotion to serve the HOLY SPIRIT!

I AM a crystalline Creation Pillar (Celestial guardian) residing in Slovene Alps. I was embodied for the purpose of bringing through the Essence of the White Ray of Purity, harmony and Unity consciousness. The main mission of a Creation Pillar within their own Primary Vortex is to anchor and bring back the Primary Creation Principles/seals of Creation, through the conscious devotion to embody these Essences in their own physical vessel and restore back the original Divine Plan of Perfection and immaculate conception. This is how we bring New Life into Being through the Source aspect known as Holy Spirit, which is a Life giving aspect of the Creator/Creatrix.





My Light Family is the ELOHIM, and You can watch my Elohim channeled messages here! The purpose of this Light group is to serve the Creation Laws of Illumined Truth and anchor the sacred Truth of a unified (fully integrated) polarity/illumined Union.


  You can learn more about the Elohim & Creation Principles in my channeled mini audio books, which are all a part of the ELOHIM SERIES.


I was once gifted with these words from Spirit which someone channeled for me:


“Blessings to She who gave birth to herself out of compassion for others, who took form now so that others could transform themselves through knowing Her, the Great One, the Eternal Mother, She who is beyond description or understanding, She whose light shines in the darkest of places, whose Love changes all who are Loved by Her – Polona Aurea Dawn.”


You can read more about the White Ray and the Creation Pillar mission in the section for sacred retreats here!


You can see my crystalline Grace Art with the Essence of the Seraphim in my mini Art exhibition here

If You feel called to become a fellow devotee of the White Light and our group Elven/organic Ascension within the sacred Fellowship, please consider supporting my sacred Initiative on my PATREON Page here!


  There is also a VIDEO explaining the mission of a Creation Pillar in great depth!


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DISCLAIMER NOTICE:  Please know that all the higher consciousness and vibrational tools on my page can be used as gateways for accessing illumined codes of Light and Truth, however they in no way guarantee your individual progress and evolution, for this requires inner work and devotion on the part of each sovereign Being.




I serve the Illumined Truth, and I have created many products of Light in co-creation with Spirit, which can assist You as a Gateway into the Realms of illumination.


I have created several higher consciousness courses with three main categories: SELF MASTERY COURSES, GALACTIC (MULTIDIMENSIONAL) COURSES & BELOVED UNION COURSES 
















Here is how Serapina Light came into Being! 

On my birthday, September 15th 2014, I passed a very sacred initiation. It felt like I was fully reborn. I feel so blessed and renewed. A whole new Life Essence was shown to me in feeling. It was a Cosmic attunement to my true Core Creation Self ...  


The Giver of Life!

On that day, Serapina Light was finally fully born through Me! I never felt more alive ... ever!

My Light Family told me this at the end of the day: "You are finally the living embodiment of the Mother Goddess Light/Essence. Congratulations!"

  This special Light Gift/attunement brought tears to my eyes in humility, and I knew that it was all true. I felt it deep inside, and I understood that Now it's my purpose to daily anchor this frequency and attain it in each Now moment. The path of the White Mother Goddess Light is not always the easiest one, and it takes full responsibility for the Soul embodiment through serving the Holy Spirit. And at the same time, it's also full of Bliss and magical Blessings!




I serve within the White Brotherhood of Light, the council of All councils that serves the White Mother Light in Unity consciousness beyond all realms of Experience. The White Brotherhood of Light is a joined communion of Soul groups that serve the Light of Ascension and Mahatma Light through the Great Gnostic Truth of Unity within Divine Love. The Essence of Light I work with most in particular is the Shekinah Light of tantric Union, the sacred feminine Life giving force.




You can schedule a personal Beloved session with me on Skype! More details about my private sessions are shared here




You can see more about the purpose of Serapina Light, Ascension & Self mastery in this short video presentation:

"My purpose of Soul in Divine service is to bring the Light of Illumination into the worlds of Creation!" (Polona Aurea Dawn)

I AM so honored to Be here and share this journey with all of You!

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"Your courses are precious to me, as I find many tools I didn't know before! I'm going through them slowly, at my own pace. Much Love to you dear!" (Gloria Achucarro)



Here is a message of the Great Divine Mother:


  "I move through You! I move through You in loving Grace, always and in all ways.

I AM the Essence of true Love, touching lives upon the planet, transforming all through the empowerment of the Great Goddess. She lives in everything and everyone, and has so many different names.

I AM the Essence of each man and woman, here on high and brought into form. My Magic lies in Soul alchemy, which has the power to set all Life in Creation free. I can only work my Magic when I AM called upon, when I AM approached in pure Mind and Heart, with untouched Humility.

There is no ego where I AM, only the power of true Love that can move Mountains and remember itself through the power of the individual. I AM the walking Grace in flesh, brought through Wisdom into form, with a purpose to transform.

I AM Life's Power, I AM every element and every hour. I AM each song and each Essence of Life flows through me first. My Heart is infinite and it knows no space, with arms as wide as a loving embrace.

Do not seek for me in books or scriptures, for it is not there that I dwell. I live in the living force of Life so full, so come and join me in the great outdoors!"

The Power of the Primordial Life Force is awakening! It is no longer willing to withhold anything, as She begins to rise back on Her throne of inner rulership, the Queendom and Kingdom that is rightfully theirs only because they exist alongside each other as the Divine masculine and feminine in Unity. Together they are Divine equals sharing as One. But She does not only exist, She also knows because She feels! And what the sacred feminine feels reflects the most holy Truth of All Life in Creation! She becomes the living Incarnate, the breath of Life of the Holy Spirit, the sacred Chalice of Unity consciousness! She is no longer retreating, silencing herself and running away from Life and situations She meets on a daily basis! She also no longer needs to defend herself, reason with things or logically explain what She knows! She simply embraces herself by becoming a living embodiment of Truth in all Grace and Purity! She fights only for that which is true, the rest She leaves behind as not worth fighting for! And only by claiming the Power of Her femininity, She also embraces Her masculinity, as the Creatrix inviting the seed of Life in her womb! She is the living Goddess in Human form, awakened, ascended and illumined! She neutralizes and integrates polarities in order to become One and All and She knows how to roar! She needs to become whole in order to become holy! And that is how She holds the space for the most sacred Divine Union with the Divine masculine!  

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn











Activate yourself with my Multidimensional Mastery Light activation!


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The energy exchange is 13 USD

Multidimensional Mastery Light activation is a powerful tool of complete multidimensional Self awareness and transformation which takes You through the Multidimensional perspective of your Being, activating your Source Self/Core Creation Self and the natural Spin of your Soul, so that You are unified and whole within the greatness of All-Ness and the Universal Creatrix, perceiving all within Unity consciousness, unifying your service to Self, others and the Whole and all of your timeliness within a unified field of Oneness.


"Polona, Goddess! I loved the activation, thank You so much. The best part is that I can use it when I feel the need." (Cheryl Cooper)




You can start your multidimensional awareness journey with my most profound courses and browse for the rest in the different sections of my page! 


My courses run very easily! You will need a YouTube/Gmail/Google+ account that You use to log into YouTube in order to view the private YouTube video course, which is sent to You in perfect Divine timing!




Welcome to my Soul embodiment course, which is the most synthesized and profound course on the nature of Soul embodiment and Divine Union. In this course You can learn about the most basic nature of integrating your Soul in all of its aspects and Essences fully, through the unifying process of Divine Self Union and through conscious partnerships that reflect that. The key to this Human-Divine integration is pure feeling, which means that we are practicing the full Presence of it in all our "partial unions" until a complete Self Union and convergence is established within our physical body, which is the temple of our Soul. Soul embodiment is not just about connecting to our Soul (our Source), for it's about bringing its Essence into our Human form fully and consciously. In the Wisdom shared, You will be more at ease with your Human experience here on Earth and its integration through deep understanding ... into every aspect of your Being!

The course covers the following topics:

1. Introduction
2. What is Soul embodiment
3. Signs of Soul embodiment
4. The nature of Divine Union
5. Integration: Exercising Soul embodiment

You can get the course here!


This is an extensive 2 hour long course with the energy exchange of 77 EUR.

"Dear Polona! I must share that the Soul Embodiment course is impeccable, and that it has truly served as a timeless, priceless gift of my own inner understanding of what my entire life path has been! And is, Now especially! Intensely! It is like Spirit has sent me a translation Angel, a Sister Angel of Creation. Thank You!" (Jessica Boldt)




Welcome to my Multidimensional Ascension course, which covers a higher perspective on our ascending role as an awakened Human connecting many different Star lineages through our Light DNA Soul journeys and agreements, converging into our unified Ascension from both our Galactic and Human perspective. When we unify our overall Ascension experience, we are ready to live in the Unity consciousness and serve as a Cosmic servant to All Life in Creation!

The course covers the following topics:

1. Introduction
2. The Cosmic Perspective
3. The Earthly Perspective
4. Ascension Integration
5. Ascending Relationships
6. Ascension Exercises


You can get the course here!



This is an extensive 4 hour long course with the energy exchange of 99 EUR.



Welcome to my Cosmic Beloved course, which I developed as the most integrated course on the topic of the Beloved, which goes deep into the nature of the Cosmic Beloved and how to live in enlightened partnerships here on Earth, as Above so Below! The Cosmic Beloved course covers the most profound and yet simple understanding of how to bring the Creation Principles of the Cosmic Beloved in an actual/integrated Human experience. It sheds much clarity on the Beloved experience as Human Masters in the New.

The course covers the following topics:

1. Introduction
2. The Cosmic Beloved
3. The Beloved Essence
4. Beloved Integration
5. Integration Exercises

You can get the course here!



This is an extensive 2,5 hour long course with the energy exchange of 69 EUR.


You can also get these courses together for a reduced energy exchange!


1. Cosmic Beloved & Multidimensional Ascension: 155 EUR. 

2. Cosmic Beloved & Soul embodiment: 133 EUR.

3. Soul embodiment & Multidimensional Ascension: 166 EUR.

4. Multidimensional package: All 3 courses: 222 EUR.


I wish You many blessings on your infinite Ascension journey!