Soul Art is the Gateway into the depths of the Soul!


Welcome to the world of my Grace/Angelic Art, which is vibrational Art from the Realms of Illuminated Truth and the Purity of crystalline Essence. Divine Art is my expression of Life through Holy Spirit, and I choose to live it through Divine inspiration and beauty. I share and offer my infinite creations with everyone freely and in service to Divine Love! The meaning of my Art is devotion to the Beauty and Magic of Divine Creation!


The Heart of Serapina Light is nothing but pure Love of Creation!



I have been tuning into the Serapina Light with such Magic and precision, and I began creating all forms of Serapina Light Soul Art. When I source Art, it always comes through pure vision of Holy Spirit through my Soul. The Essence of the White Mother Light and the Seraphim/Creation Angels can never be fully brought into form, so we can attune to it mostly through sound frequency of Light language and vibrational Soul Art. All my Art shows the pure liquid Golden-White Light and radiates with Divine Grace.

You can watch my video presentation of the White Ray & the Seraphim here!

Here You can attune to the sacred vibrational Art that carries the Light of Ascension, the White Mother Flame and the Creation Angels Seraphim.


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My Angelic Creations have a very wide span, as I create everything from painted stones, crystal grid Seraphim paintings (with hand picked crystals from the crystal cave), crystal wands, Elven/Angelic circlets/crowns, pendulums, devotional jewelry and medallions, crystalline products and much more!



I work with pure Creation Essences, so I can create any Essence at any time! I work in Unison with Creation Angels and the Ascended Masters, especially Serapis Bey of the White Ray and the Divine Mother! That is why all of my Grace Art is mostly in the Essence of Golden-White!


I love to create sacred altars, and it would be my honor and pleasure to create something unique especially for You and your own altar space!

P.S. Everyone of my Grace Art orders gets a special Angelic gift of Seraphim painted stones & feathers!


May my Soul/vibrational Art bring You codes of Divine remembrance and illumination through physical manifestation of your inner Soul realms! May my Soul Art capture the Beauty of Creation! It is my deep pleasure and honor to be of service in this way!


If You feel guided to have something unique for You through Spirit, contact me to see what I currently have available!




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You can also visit the page of Soul mandalas, which are the Artwork of my amazing artist mother!


You can get your very own Soul Essence/signature mandala!

Soul Mandalas


"Hello Polona, I have received the package of the medallion and the crystals! Thank you for these, it had that ethereal energy and look before I unraveled everything. Everything is so beautiful. Thank you! I love the gifts too, Thank you for these. The rock being's energies are so lovely and they have that energy from where you are from! Thank you again! Brightest blessings!" (Caroline Chia)


"To me, the true artist is one who lives completely, harmoniously, who does not divide his art from living, whose very life is that expression, whether it be a picture, music, or his behavior; who has not divorced his expression on a canvas or in music or in stone from his daily conduct, daily living. That demands the highest intelligence, highest harmony. To me the true artist is the man who has that harmony." (Krishnamurti)