Welcome to the journey of Self Mastery!



In our Ascension a lot of us are not just working with the Ascended Masters, but embodying our own Sacred Master through the unique Essence that we hold in Spirit. The more we unify with the masters, the less we perceive them as "on the outside of us", and the more we merge with them in a unified way. The Masters connect to us and All Life in Creation through a Unity field, which is a sacred pool of Light that serves as an entry point of Illumination for the worlds of Creation. The more we master ourselves, the more "access" we have to this sacred pool of the Mahatma Light, and the more we understand our very role as a unique Master on Earth and in the Cosmos.

Our sacred Divine assignments as a Master of the Self are constantly shifting, and they are presented to us through the rites of passage, which we can associate with the archetype of the staff, which is our personal wand of the Creation Self. As an Ascended Master, we work both through our individual Essence and the Essence of All Masters in Unity consciousness, for the main "goal" of the Masters in pure benevolence is to send forth and overlight with the Essence which needs to come through in Unity for the greater good of All. There is no separation in the White Light of Unity, only true Divine understanding, Divine Love and the act of Divine service through humble devotion. The Masters serve through the inner planes of Shambhala, which is where they gather their unique Lights to act as One forcefield of Divine Love and Light.

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The path of Self mastery is the Union with our inner sovereign Being. Many ascending Souls are on a path of Self mastery, which means complete trust in our inner knowing of the Divine Self. Everything that comes to us is already guided by the I AM and felt through our Soul, and we can never be wrong in what we feel, for we live in our ascending state of Being. We don't need someone else to tell us what our current guidance is about. As Cosmic Masters we understand that all is One, so therefore we can all free ourselves in all aspects, including how we receive guidance in purpose from the Divine. As far as resonance with something or someone on the outside goes, it will never be a full 111% in comparison to our unique experience. Sometimes we still seek full resonance and approval on the outside, and yet this only leads us away from the I AM. We are our own Masters and we get to our knowing internally, through our individualized "I AM". Some basic principles are always sacred, One and universal, so these are important to consider. And yet, our path of attainment is our own to walk. When we are ready to become our own guides, we start walking the path of a liberated sovereign!

We are sovereign and we are free. We are Cosmic Masters of the Self!



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The question is ... how do You better connect with your inner Master and draw it forth into this plane of Existence in your Soul embodiment?



"Dear Polona! I had a dream about 4 years ago about right after watching a video of yours and you were in it. You told me that I was on the path of the ascended master. You were so happy for me. At the time I had heard of an ascended master before but I didn't know what one was so I looked it up and I was shocked. I said "that is not me." I didn't understand why you were in the dream and never heard you talk about ascension masters before. I stopped watching your videos, because I don't think I was ready yet, but I never forgot that dream. Now, my life is completely different! I have never been this happy in my life to the point where I no longer even desire a mate. If that mate came I would receive him of course but the longing for it is completely gone. And I went from a meat eater to a vegan overnight and I have been so for 3 months with no cravings. Amazing! I just saw another video and you are talking about Ascension and I now believe that this IS my path! How exciting! Thank you for your message from so long ago. Even if you didn't realize that you gave it to me, I have had it in the back of my mind for ages! Much Love and Light to you! (Janel Perkins)


The Truth of Unity consciousness is indeed One and unified, and if that is so, we can all attain it through Self mastery. By stepping on a path of Self mastery, a new passageway begins. On this level of our journey, we begin to embrace more and more of our Self. This state is a complete freedom of Soul in Ascension, and the ripening of our inner "Magician", where we stand in our co-creative Divine force. This state of mastery only comes through our individual "I AM" Presence. When we step up in the power and reverence of the "I AM" we know that there is no "God" on the outside, and that our Divine remembrance means us as that individual Source Spark which is here to expand and co-create with the rest of Divinity. There is nothing to marvel at outside of us when we are internally unified and whole. Self mastery is a path of unification and wholeness. When we feel complete, all of our Soul's particles merge together as One, and we become one body of awareness, instead of perceiving ourselves as different parts and particles, personas and roles and gender associations. This is how we will be entering into the New, as masters of wholeness in Creation. When we live as the "I AM", we also birth ideas internally, and we work with all the forces of the Universe by commanding our Divine authority through unconditional Love. When we know what we desire in Soul and the idea feels right and ripe, it becomes a Divine vision, and then we only have to master the way to make it real in this reality.

This will become our next step on our current path of Ascension, and as we master that, we will also pave the way and show it to others by our own inner and outer radiance and reflection. We will become a Spark of the Universe in its own Divine birthright, which has remembered its true meaning and Prime Creation. So what is the first step that we might take in this direction? We need to become aware that we are the ones who give orders/decrees, and that because we have mastered unconditional Love, they can never be wrong, bad or manipulative. We can not misuse power once we embody the perfection of Divine Love, and although we are never truly perfect (as that is an illusion), our creations will always reflect our state of pure Being through the "I AM" in the Now. Therefore our first step is releasing the belief in fated circumstances and a sense of destiny that comes outside of us. We are here to become the miracle makers, the Magicians of our own birthright, commanding and co-creating our own path through the "I AM." Once we embrace this as our only Truth, we will step on a path of Self mastery, which means that the only mastery there is ... is over our Self. We command the energy that sustains and supports us, not someone or something on the outside. We will never change another or the whole world on the outside, but we will leave a giant footprint by commanding our own reality through the "I AM." This is how we will continue to walk in Self mastery day after day, in deep Presence. This is how we become the "I AM" Avatars.

Our journey of Self mastery is not a goal, but it's rather a continuous choice of the "I AM." We gift ourselves with Presence by opening up to radiating from our Being by consciously affirming: "I AM." Once we really understand this in Soul awareness, the mere words or simply feeling them will bring everything else into alignment. This does not mean to feel as a Master one day and then not anymore at a different time, for that implies that our perception of our mastery is limited and conditioned. Once we embrace this path and invoke it, we do so for good, and we commit to it with all of our Being, whether our current perception of it aligns with this Truth or not. Our mastery lies in all the steps and choices that we make, not only those that a part of us would consider as mastery. Once we become a whole/integrated/unified Being of One, we no longer perceive things this way, as we are no longer fragmented in our perceptions. We become an integrated body of awareness and we know that our Self mastery is always in its blossoming and expansion.