Do You wish to expand your Soul through Spirit?

The Light of the Holy Spirit is the Light of All Life in Creation. It is completely benevolent, neutral and exists beyond all separation. It does not differentiate or discriminate, as it simply reminds us of the sacred Breath of Life in ever expanding Divinity through which we were all birthed from!

I AM a Universal Guide!

A Universal Guide is a Master Soul that has decided to use their own training skills of Self mastery to assist others in their own process of Self attainment and mastery. Due to the complexity of the Human nature, a Universal Guide has to undergo many training initiatives and programs in various Mastery/Mystery schools of higher learning, both in Spirit and in physical embodiment through gained experience that becomes integrated Wisdom. This is a requirement for physical training through the various Star systems and templates of Creation. The main requirement for their undertaking is a keen sense of adaptability, strength and perseverance.


I AM very skilled in Spirit guidance and how it flows through me, and I love guiding fellow devotees of Ascension on their personal path of Soul expansion through pure Spirit. I have mastered my own way of internal Spirit guidance system and so I love sharing this Gift in many ways and forms. A part of my journey is guiding people deep into their Self. It is my Life purpose being an Ascension guide as a "channel" for Spirit and so I can gracefully share Spirit guidance with fellow Divine companions. The guidance I share comes from pure Spirit awareness ... the Realms of Illuminated Truth which I simply call "Home." I easily receive Grace as I connect to a fellow seeker of Light. To be the channel for Holy Spirit means to live as a pure Vessel for the Will of Unity. This requires constant alignment, dedication and devotion to Spirit.

My special gift (which is my Soul's superpower) is that I can tune into the individual and reflect their truest inner Self back to them. When connecting to people, I bring out the most profound shifts in them, simply because I unconditionally embrace them and show them their most inner Self, and how they truly are in their Soul. This acceptance then flows to the individual through mutual reception, and the more open one is, the bigger the energy transfer and shift can be! I have discovered this superpower of mine after years of awareness work and practical experience with people all around the world! As a volunteer Soul I AM fully devoted to this work of mastering the Self in ascending awareness and Divine Love. 

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1. Spirit question


The energy exchange is 13 EUR

This is a way of asking me a general Spirit based question via e-mail. You can send your question via the PayPal payment form (add a message) or wait for me to send You an e-mail first. You have to provide a valid e-mail address, so that I can contact You!

NOTE: This is NOT a personal reading! (scroll down below for that personal service)

2. Ascension/Cosmic Union grid/layout (Merkabah)



The energy exchange is 27 EUR

This is an illumined Ascension oracle, which focuses on your Divine/Human integration process, therefore it comes as a Merkabah formation.

You can see an example of the reading here:

(NOTE: The grid channeled here is attuned to my own embodiment example)

  It represents your Divine masculine/feminine expressions and a unified point of Divine synthesis. The upward triangle represents the Divine feminine, as the downward triangle represents the Divine masculine. I also channel the crystals appropriate for your integration and synthesis process.

You can read ALL about this Twin Soul integration process in depth in the BELOVED section here!

3. Personal Spirit session (via Skype)


The energy exchange is 188 EUR

This is a personal Spirit session that focuses on your illumined Soul integration. The focus is becoming your own Beloved/Divine Self in integrated Wholeness, with the purpose of illumined Union. These sessions are designed to bring further awareness and integration on your path of the sovereign mastery in Soul awareness and the Human experience through bringing unconditional Divine Love into every aspect of your Life and all that You are co-creating with Spirit/Love. The more You know your Self, the more integrated and Self realized You can become through your own Self mastery in deep awareness. The main focus of the guided session is to work on expanding Soul awareness through deep understanding, so that You can truly allow and embrace the journey of your Self mastery as an Initiate of Spirit and a Divine Lover of Life.

The sessions are channeled and quite long, so that we can truly travel to great depths of Spirit together!


After You book a private session, I will contact You, so You need to provide your e-mail! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are very deep sessions on the level of pure Spirit, so the individual has to be fully ready to commit to this process. After You make a commitment to work with Spirit through me personally, You commit to it energetically and physically, so there are no refunds available afterwards. Before making a commitment to my services, make sure it's really something that You are called to do on a deep Soul level first. I work with devoted individuals only!

 If You are guided to have a session with me, please consider taking a Cosmic Beloved course or my other integration Mastery courses first (or after), because it's essential and masterful to activate your own sacred knowledge beforehand and it helps to pave the way to go deeper into Soul awareness. This calls for more allowance, mastery and conscious participation on your own part and makes You more susceptible to your higher consciousness and receiving from the Light of pure Spirit.


4. Personal Spirit transmission


The energy exchange is 108 EUR

This is a personal Spirit transmission that serves as a Soul reading. It is a recording in an mp3 format. This is a Soul integration reading that helps You to assess where You are in your Soul embodiment journey and what are some of the major things You are currently integrating on your personal Ascension journey. I create this recording in my own sacred space and it's sent to You in Divine timing. You need to send me a short summary/current life situation with question emphasis via my e-mail along with your reading request.

The recordings are cca. 30-45 min long transmissions!


5. Cosmic sound/Soul song activation



The energy exchange is 66 EUR

This is a personal Spirit transmission through Cosmic sound activation that is attuned especially to You through your Soul song. The Cosmic sound coming through the channeling is of Galactic origin and supports You on deep levels of Divine remembrance and DNA activation.

Listen to a sample here (for my personal song)


6. Galactic Soul portrait

You can receive your own Galactic Soul portrait, which is the Higher attunement of your expanded Self in multidimensional awareness. These portraits are channeled through Spirit and encoded with Divine remembrance especially attuned to You.



The energy exchange is 144 EUR






"Dearest Polona Aurea! Thank You for agreeing to meet within a session structure. To try to even explain as to what have happened (before, during and after the session) and in the depth that it happen would be futile to say the least. And yet what I can really express and share is that I am still receiving insightful revelations about my path and purpose, getting to know slightly more of who I AM, steering the ship of my life in the direction most aligned with my Soul. I am assuming that the piece of the puzzle has found its right spot and all I have to do is to maintain the vertical /horizontal connection in equal proportion. I find no greater truth than the grounded spirituality you reflect and transmit within each cell of your human existence. I love you, I honor you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it crystal clear for me to see." (George Von Bibra)


"Dearest Polona Aurea! Thank you for your time, guidance, holding presence and wisdom (plus patience and tech support). This session was such a deep gift to receive. I feel much more balanced now. You are priceless!" (Iona Ruth)

“With Polona, I was able to reveal my deepest inner conflicts and blocks, and she assisted me to find the core essence of these blocks and to release them. Polona is a generous, loving and wise guide who was truly cheering me on! She is most humble and creates a shared space of equality and mutuality, encouraging me to be vulnerable and to see myself as the master I AM. A most heartfelt thank you to her service.” (Louisa Dent Pearce)


"Dear Polona! Thank you for all the guidance and support you've offered me throughout my healing process. Your beautiful channeling message and light activation provided me with important insights about the things that I need to work on and that are preventing me from experience a free flow of life force. Our conversations had provided me with much knowledge. However, after having experienced two sessions with you, I've confirmed that part of the healing comes from just being in contact with your beautiful, loving essence. You are such a divine Being and the energy and love you emanate is so strong that I could feel it even though we never met in person. After our session, I felt my heart opening and a beautiful wave of love was flowing through my body which stayed with me even days after the session. It has been an wonderful experience. Polona, words cannot express the immense gratitude I feel for all you've done. You helped me not only to realize the true meaning behind a difficult life lesson, but showed me how to work in order to integrate it back into the light. I felt very supported, encouraged, and cared for. I could see your true commitment, devotion, and passion in all the work that you do. Having contacted you and worked with you has been such a blessing. Thank you beautiful Light Being!" (Lizbeth Casas)


"Dear Polona! After our session together I am truly different. I have much more feeling in my body and I am not passing out anymore from the energy. It is a more smooth flow. I knew I had prepared this trip for an important healing experience. I had no expectations of what we would find but I knew it would change our lives on so many levels. Polona you are such a beautiful soul. You were able to hold such a sacred space of Love for me that was truly unconditional. This allowed me to have a transformational healing. The activation I received liberated my womb from imprints that I have carried for far too long. I felt safe, loved, and so joyful during our session. I am eternally grateful. My soul is free! With Deep Love!" (DeAnna White)


"Dear Polona Aurea! The Ascension Light grid is beautiful to see, thank You very much, I felt emotional reading it and looking at the cards, and also at the crystals, even if I don't know which crystals they all are. It is a beautiful message. It is a good thing to have the text you present in relation to the grid for better understanding. It feels aligned with where I am on my path Now." (Anne Lise)


"Thank you very much for the Ascension Light grid, Angel. It is deeply cherished and greatly honored. It resonates strongly. I am most thankful for your Existence, gracious One. I Love You!" (Ariadna Delgado)


"Thank you so much! This Spirit transmission was very powerful for me and it resonated at a deep level. Emotion was moving through my body as I received the transmission. Thank you also for the practical ideas and examples of how I can start implementing now!" (Anna Davila)


"Polona! The sweet session, meeting, connection we shared previously has given my being a sense of true kinship in Spirit. A resonance created and allowed through pure embrace of the divine has softened my wings. I feel a graceful attunement to my power, that has scared me before. I am allowing a more gentle integration of it as I just - Allow. Thank you for your transparent, clear and compassionate unconditional witnessing and for attuning so effortlessly to what was/is needed in the Here & Now. This Life is Blessed to have You! I love you sister!" (Jessica Boldt)


"Beloved Polona, I am in awe of harmony and synchronicity of our contact and many fast shifts since the alignment of my frequency with your energy. I listened to your recording and half way through, tears were running on my face. I could see everything in your reflection in full clarity. It felt part of me always filtering (false imprints), blind spot veiling the earthy part of my being and as soon as you mentioned it, my Soul took a flight to a new space, so much lighter and also deeper understanding. I never allowed myself to feel the softness of life and flow, so much took place over the listening to your recording! You were right, I am a wanderer soul and came from much higher frequency and only the last few days it feels like I am remembering my true frequency and memory of that energy pulsing in my body. My body suddenly opened up and  breath is moving deeper and I am going moment by moment, deeper and deeper into my Soul. I am truly grateful, beloved and beautiful Serapina." (Serena Devi)


"Hi, Polona! I would like to thank you again for the messages shared during our session. I feel renewed and more balanced, which is definitely serving me well while I experience some major life transformations. Whenever I hear your messages they feel like confirmation of what I already know that I know within. A remembrance. You have such an expressive & eloquent way of speaking. I continue to wish you all the best and much love, peace, abundance & many blessings! Sincerely!" (Jasmine Miller)


"Dear Polona! I am grateful that I got a chance to be with You in a Beloved session. The connection was so full of love and joy and humor too! Your light, joy and love comes through strongly and it made me feel so happy. I was literally floating on a love cloud for a couple of days after our conversation. You share your wisdom in such a graceful, kind way and you know how to remind us of who we really are in our Soul. By that reminder I was truly lifted up and so inspired. There are indeed angels here on this Earth who are so full of Divine Light that they can use it to "sparkle it out of their being" and help lift others up! You are such a Soul! Thank you from my heart, You sweet angelic, powerful Goddess, High priestess ... joyful Being, You! With Love Light and Truth, always!" (Tine Overton) 


"Dear Beautiful Sister! Thank you, thank you, thank you for connecting with me. Your guidance brought me so much clarity. After we spoke, I felt so grounded, so at peace. I sat outside and just soaked in all the love I felt. So many insights came to me and I'm sure more will come throughout the next days. There is something so "different" in connecting with you, for I really do feel the beauty and peace and love and wisdom in a higher nature with you than with anyone else I've encountered. It comes through so pure and unfiltered. You Are an Elven Queen, truly, and how magical and amazingly wonderful that is! And though you are this magnificent Elven Being, your Humanness comes through so genuinely as well. I felt so at ease, so accepted, so welcomed, so received. I felt this mutual exchange, this sincere sisterhood between us. For someone who has been feeling alone for many months, this feeling was such a blessing for me. Thank you for such a fulfilling and enlightening experience. It was life-changing for me in a big way. You answered questions for me, without me even having to ask. So in tune! So in harmony! Love and gratitude to you! (Holly Nicol)


"Polona's energy is so pure and beautiful that just coming in contact with her is a blessing and so healing. When it comes to exchanging and learning new things about yourself and the Universe it becomes even better. She gave me so much that no words can describe!" (Tjaša Marin)


"Hi Polona! The Beloved reading resonated very much, you wove so many things together and now I can see things from more holistic point of view. It is like an HD mirror that has offered so much clarity and depth. I have listened to it a couple of times already. Thank you so much. So happy to be alive!" (Ciiru Diana Michuki)


"Dear Polona! Thank You so much for the session. It was a really beautiful and enlightening experience connecting with you. I feel I will finally shift through these final parts to feel whole & holy again!" (Margie Joy)