What is the higher purpose of crystals?

A huge part of my purpose is working with crystalline frequency and connecting to Mountain Vortex crystals. Rocks and crystals carry information, and this helps us to anchor our Light body into physical form.

It's amazing to experience a connection with these precious stones/crystals and the mineral kingdom of this Alpine Mountain Vortex here. Spirit always surprises me with these crystals in a beautiful way and I smile in Bliss. I always held a special connection to these sacred Mountains, and it goes back to the Creation level. That is why I always find magical crystallized rocks in my pure Alps, the Mountains that I AM so connected with. We also have a Crystal cave right here in the Alps, which is a source of pure calcite crystal specimens that hold the frequency of the Diamond Light.

When I work with these crystals and use them in my Grace Art, the effect is always amazing, as I feel deeply charged and activated! These stones truly are magnificent!!!

Welcome to the world of Mountain Light crystals to serve the Diamond and Golden Rays of Angelic Grace!



I offer three types of magical stones in my crystal shop! Together they form a beautiful Holy Trinity of the Father, Mother and Child ... so Source, Creation and the experience of Creation itself.


The White crystalline stones are very pure in their Essence. Sometimes these stones pop out of the frame in such a surreal manner. I just sit somewhere, pondering or walking on the Mountain beach ... and they magically appear, almost as if someone would put them there. The stones are different and they vary in how they look, but their frequency is mostly golden-white, just like the frequency within the White Ascension Ray. These hold the Essence of the Divine Feminine.

The Black "I AM" crystalline stones are a type of black quartz, and they hold the yin to the yang frequency along the White ones, and they are especially powerful, for they ground into the deep I AM Presence of our Being. This grounding process is essential if we wish to bring the Higher planes of our Being as a physical embodiment into this plane of Existence. They assist with gathering of all scattered energies, moving them into a unified field of Presence. True Bliss can only be experienced in deep Presence of the Now moment. These hold the Essence of the Divine Masculine.

The clear Calcite crystals from the Crystal cave here in our Slovene Alps add the Magic to the whole equation, anchoring the Essence of the Divine child. They are very pure and offer the vibration of pure Joy. These hold the Essence of the Divine birth/child.

There are also additional stones You will get with your order, which were found in my visit to the Carnic Alps in Italy. This is the so-called Rosa Peralba, which is a type of Pink marble with a beautiful Divine feminine energy that it's holding.

Watch the Crystal cave presentation here!


Note: Please know that the stones and crystals themselves are free, for they are Gifts of Mother Nature and I only pick the ones that have naturally fallen to the ground. But the time and energy I invest in retrieving them in the Mountains is not, and needs to be valued, so therefore the energy exchange is as follows!


1. Mountain crystals from the Alps



You will get a selection of all the crystal varieties uniquely chosen for You in a white organza bag!

The energy exchange is 44 EUR

I ship these Mountain crystals worldwide!


Every crystalline order gets a FREE GIFT, a bottle of magical crystalline sprinkles!!!

NOTE: If You desire a bigger piece, You have to contact me specifically and let me know, as that can be arranged as well! I have many beautiful bigger pieces that would love to be shared!


2. Ascension crystal Aura sprays

The Ascension Crystal Aura sprays were channeled for the purpose of connecting to the elemental body structure during these intense times of increased frequency through the incoming Cosmic Rays and Solar flares. I started creating them due to the intense physical shifts that many of us are moving through in these times of transition as we are building our New bodies. However, the primary Essence of these Aura sprays is the connection with the White Ray of Creation and Ascension flame. These sprays are co-created within a higher frequency, so they have an "auric" field around them which assists the physical Ascension process and refined Aura cleanse, which is perfect for all Light Beings who channel energy constantly. They were blessed and anointed at the sacred Mountain waterfall (a sacred spot) through the breath of Life/Holy Spirit, the White Lady Essence and the Elohim Family of Light, as well as the elementals and the water element of purification and harmony, which are the Divine qualities of the White Ray of Creation.

The Golden Aura Ascension sprays are a variation of the spray that aligns with the Golden Ray frequency and the Light of the Christ. It is accompanied by an Angel, as it flows through the sacred Goddess/feminine principle of Life.

I make these sprays in small batches. Each batch is unique, therefore You can purchase only what is currently available and when it is available.

The 50ml Ascension crystal spray contains: Mountain spring water from the Alps, rose water, tiny crystals (from the crystal cave), rose quartz crystal nibs, Himalayan Pink salt and a combination of essential oils for Essence infusion.

The energy exchange is 27 EUR




"Dear Polona, On this extremely joyous and blissful day I am closing off with tears of joy. This Crystal Spray brings me the essence of Home. When I sprayed it on my heart it instantly gave me pristine peace. Thank you Sister for offering this Divine gift. Also the beautiful painted stone and tiny crystal. I am happy, I am in love with the spray!" (Sophie Pietersen)

"Dear Polona! This is truly amazing and smells amazing. The vibrations coming off these items are indescribable and filled with so much unconditional love. Thank you so much!" (Ashley Mayer)

"The Golden Aura Ascension spray smells Divine!" (Helen Crosbie)

"Yes, I can instantly feel the spray's energy. It's essence is all about Divine union, or at least that's how I felt it. And it smells so good too!!! It's so magical." (Lizbeth Casas) 

"Dear Polona, I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you so much for the beautiful Aura spray and crystalline gifts! The scent is so rich and luxurious! The hand painted stone and crystal are so gorgeous and were such a lovely surprise! Also, as I was opening the package I found a soft white feather which I carried with me all day. Each item really affected my day (and continue to) bringing joy and a genuine playful lightness. Thank you. Thank you for everything. For all you do. Please know, it is truly and deeply appreciated!" (Allegra Salladino)

"The Aura spray is very lovely. And the painted stone and crystal are also, very lovely. There is good energy/vibe emitting from them. The crystal is powerful. It pulsated a rippling beautiful and glowing white energy when placed at my third eye during meditation, and significantly affected my dream state the nights I slept with it by my side. Admittedly, I chose not to prep the crystal in any way upon first receiving it, something I have not allowed before. The feeling was strong for it to remain as it had arrived. Thank you for the work that you do and the energy you emit. It is for me a gift discovered." (Marcy Olsen)


3. Crystalline Light body baths

The Alpine crystalline baths were channeled for the purpose of Light body activation and integration in the physical. The changes that we are going through in our physical Ascension are often very intense, as we further the merging of our Light body with our physical body. If You desire to get even more deeply activated, then I recommend the crystalline bath made mainly from the Alpine crystals. This is a completely Spirit channeled product which is a devoted labor of Love. It takes many hours of work to create it, which includes hiking and picking the crystals in the Crystal cave, carefully cleansing, organizing and crushing the crystals into a crushed crystal powder that then subtly works on the energy body, assisting with the Light body integration with our physical body.

The crystalline Light bath is composed of many layers, which include: fine beach sand for refined grounding, hand crushed crystal powder for subtle Light body integration, Himalayan salt and granule, finer and bigger crystals to work on the body detox (which are fully solid and reusable), with a chosen calcite crystal piece in the middle for meditation, annointed with Neroli Essential oil and sprinkled with rose quartz crystal nibs for Self Love and physical Light body integration.

Personal note: These are not random baths that You can buy at a local store. These are high vibrational tools to purify and raise your frequency. They were designed specifically with the intention to stimulate the Light body and awaken the Light particles to merge with the atomic body structure of our physical embodiment. When I used this bath myself for the first time, I experienced a profound body detox the next day, so I recommend caution and lots of rest after the bath for natural body integration, while drinking lots of pure water!

You will get a deeply activating crystalline bath to use for your Light body integration!

The energy exchange is 44 EUR (% DISCOUNTED, HALF OFF)

"You can literally feel your whole body vibrating during the crystalline bath! It's amazing!" (Jožica Somrak)


"Polona, this is amazing! The energy coming from the photo alone is cleansing my being and anchoring me into such profound peace and stillness. Like the Mountains themselves! WOW, I can't imagine what would happen taking a bath with those crystals! Incredible!" (Leah Coleman)

4. Mini crystal wands/Swords of Truth


As an Elven Being, I love to create crystal wands. The strongest Essence that these mini crystal wands radiate is serving as a Sword of Truth. They can be used in meditation and intention work, as well as holding the space on sacred devotional altars, etc. They are powerful vibrational tools made from the self picked calcite crystals from the Alpine crystal cave. They hold the Light of the Seraphim, the golden-white Light of Serapis Bey and Unity consciousness.

You will get a mini Seraphim wand/Sword of Truth!

The energy exchange is 77 EUR

5. Seraphim crystal wands

The slightly bigger Seraphim Angel wands are powerful vibrational tools of Light, and they channel through the Essence of the Seraphim. The strongest Essence that these radiate is that of Core Creation Self and the celestial music of the spheres. They can be used in meditation and intention work, as well as holding the space on sacred devotional altars, etc. They are made from the self picked calcite crystals from the Alpine crystal cave. They hold the Light of the Seraphim, the golden-white Light of Serapis Bey and Unity consciousness. They feel very Light, and yet they are also very powerful!

You will get a Seraphim wand of the golden-white Light!

The energy exchange is 88 EUR




"I've got your magic box! Wow these crystals are so powerful and yes, I saw your hands how you were creating this gift, it's pure essence. I'm blessed, you know? Your package was created with the most loving, beautiful and magical energy. To be honest, after a while of just looking at it I started to cry. Perhaps, it was happiness, remembrance, union. I was happy with that because it was pure. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart!" (Lara Wu)


"I love my pendulum so very much. It soothes me, I always fall asleep with it." (Sophie Pietersen)


"Oh thank You for my beautiful gifts!!! I opened the package last night and the neroli oil smelled so lovely. I have never even heard of neroli oil before. I love my Alpine crystals. Just looking at them activates me. And my magical Elven wand!! I love it! My body was tingling as I unwrapped all these sacred gifts!" (Holly Nicol) 


"Aloha Dear Elven Queen! Many thanks to You for my beautiful crystals! Yes, I sense the angelic, and elven energies in them. The essence of the white ones is very pure and the divine child has a golden calcite feeling. I am excited to hear about your Elven retreats and hope to one day visit this special place where you live. Many Thanks, Mahalo!" (Micah Kai)

"Words cannot express how happy I am with the divine crystals you sent me! I am in awe with their beauty, frequency & serenity! I have tingles all over my body!" (Sophie Pietersen)


"Polona, I was flabbergasted with the Alps crystals that you sent. I could immediately feel the powerful vibrations they effuse. Unbelievable that you found another 'dragon', complete with eye socket, nonetheless. The other darker crystal looks and feels like a little Alps mountain all on her own (as above, so below). The cut marks look as if someone used a powerful and precise laser on it. I can't imagine any way nature could have sliced those cuts into the crystal. Absolutely amazing. The lighter crystals have a different type of powerful energy and I see one of them is heart-shaped too. I keep them in proximity,actually touching each other so they can acclimate themselves to their new non-mountain environment." (Tom McDonough)


"I definitely feel the white ray, divine light and high frequencies through the crystals. I felt a cool breeze that followed my hands when I first touched the stones. I love them, thank You! (Stacy Gauthier)


"Polona, I received the Mountain stones. I love them. I have never felt more connected to the earth, crystals and stones (and above at the same time). I had bands of love pouring through my heart and stomach. Thanks again for all you do and are. It makes a big difference to me. Many thanks! (Colin Beebe)


"I received the Mountain crystalline stone and the three additional ones that you so generously sent me along with it. I started writing you a 'Thank you' e-mail, wanting to express how grateful I am to have them as my companions, but words can not even begin to describe the way I feel about them! Every single one of these crystalline Beings is sacred to me. I see and feel the stone being in each of them. I feel their profound purity and ancient wisdom. They are a physical manifestation of a Soul connection. They are deeply loved and appreciated. Thank you for sending them to me! I am speechless by the purity of these crystals and their unique personalities! They take me right into my Core. Time, mental chatter and surrounding noise stay suspended when I hold them and marvel at their beauty. Thank you for sharing them with crystal lovers around the globe and spreading their light of purity." (Sonia Todorova)


"Dear Sister of Light! My Golden Crystal arrived to Me today! I have no words for our reunion. It is intense right now with my integration and releasing. Love & Golden Light!" (Susan Saphira Hoglund)


"I was just able to pick up my mail and received the precious stones from you my precious!!! I feel such love from them and from you and to have this energy from your home to mine means the world to me. I received them at the perfect time as I had been feeling a little down and right when I held them in my hand my spirits rose!! They are just lovely, as are you. I feel overwhelmed with the emotion of deep gratitude. My love to you and thank you just doesn't seem to suffice!" (Lisa Rayburn)


"Thank You so much for the amazing crystals! What lovely and powerful energy they have. I was meditating with all three, such balance and magic. Exactly what I need, so happy!" (Desirée Rosborg)