What is Galactic signature?


When we burst out of Source as an individualized Creation Self, we become completely unique in our vibrational signature, which is the unique color and sound of our Being. We can call this our unique Tree of Life, the Divine Blueprint of our Creation Self. As we then experience our Self through many different fragmentations of the One that become different experiences and archetypes of Creation, we take upon many journeys of constant Soul expansion. What remains at its Core is the basic Creation purpose that we always carry within us throughout each and every story and experience of our fragmentation of the Soul. With Cosmic convergence, these many different aspects of the Self are Now re-uniting and merging deep within us and we will all feel this in our own unique way.


What is Galactic Core?


The Galactic Core is the center of our Galaxy, which is connected to all the other Galaxies within the Universe and the Multiverse of All That Is. This is the so-called Cosmic Pulse of Life, which interconnects all Life in Creation as One. At the very center there is a Grand Central Sun, which is the central fuse of all the Suns and other celestial bodies in Creation. This is the giver of Life for this part of Existence, and we are always connected to it through our own Being. This pulse that travels through all of Creation is known to us as the "Holy Spirit", the living Life Force of all Existence.

Before we were born, our Souls designed a perfect map for our living experience, as well as transcendental experiences that reach far beyond what we might know in this current lifetime, for they are all interconnected and running simultaneously. Where the degrees of the Galactic center are positioned in our own chart, it shows how this Life Force expresses itself through us in a unique way. So it's therefore important to locate it and expand in the awareness of our own sacred Pulse of Life and how we receive and transmit through it. At this moment the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is between 26-27 degrees of Sagittarius (constellation), so it is important how we are attuned to this Galactic Pulse in our unique way.

Watch the video presentation here!

The video presentation of Galactic signature and Core Creation Self explains why it's important to get activated and step into our true Cosmic heritage!


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The video workshop is an in depth course on reading the Star map of our unique Galactic signature! Get activated by tuning into the nature of your Divine heritage and Universal archetypes.

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The video workshop is an in depth course on activating your Galactic consciousness, your Galactic DNA and integration of Soul individualization through the nature of Divine archetypes, tarot, body cosmology, fixed Stars, etc. The course has both theory and practice, through which You will gain a deep understanding of the nature of Creation and yourself as a part of the Whole. You will learn about the basic structure of 12-folded nature of Galactic consciousness and how to operate within it.

This is a 3,5 hours long course!

You will need a YouTube/Gmail/Google+ account that You use to log into YouTube in order to view the private YouTube video links, which are sent to You in perfect Divine timing!


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"Polona, Beauty. Thank you for You! I am feeling a core-ignited empowerment from the Galactic Signature course, I have just finished. A wide-open eye in my heart that sees to new depths, all directions, and simply, Understanding my Essence. Clarity. These days, this illumination grows greater and greater. So great, it is. Yet so simple! I have so loved dissecting my chart and its gateways." (Jessica Boldt)


"Hello lovely, I just wanted to share withh you personally to say how much I enjoyed your Galactic signature "Star map" course. It's so fascinating! A friend of mine had printed out my birthchart about 10 years ago but I didn't really understand it or know how to read it so it has been sat in a folder ever since. I've still got lots of research to do but have discovered so much New. I've just been researching the houses so I'm learning the link of how my spiritual, community, career, subconscious and the Self and material planes all relate. It's so fascinating! Thank you for showing me how my personal astrology actually translates into my reality. Brilliant! Lots of Love!"  (Zoe Howarth)


"Polona! Not sure if you already get these every two weeks, but wanted to share it! I am loving the Galactic Signature!" (Colin Beebe)


"Polona, the Galactic signature course totally moved me into new dimensions. Phenomenal! I AM deeply thankful!" (Najanna Skaza) 


"Thank you so much, Polona Aurea Dawn! This was a great video course. I appreciate all that you shared and I am looking forward to exploring more of the information and my chart." (Stacy Stehle)


For more information of this nature and to prepare in Cosmic knowledge, go to the Cosmic Convergence section!


Our unique Galactic signature


The purpose of Galactic signature attunement is to help You expand in your Cosmic Self Mastery as an Ascension Pioneer and multidimensional Being. It serves as a powerful force of awareness and insight into the multitudes and myriads of expression of the Self. The more activated You get into the Soul Essences/archetypes that You came here to experience and embody, the more Self realized You are, and the more You can serve all Life in Creation through your unique individualized Soul expression. Through a greater understanding of your ever expanding Cosmic nature, You help all Life in Creation to expand, and You become a sacred offering of Divine service. Your purpose is to continue to expand in your Soul awareness and the sovereignty of your Being. You are both Source and Creation as One, and so the unique Galactic signature helps You activate the different levels of your Being, from Universal to Galactic, from Stellar to planetary ... to help You understand your "personal" self aspect and serve in a unique way through your own sacred pulse of Life expression.

Galactic signature attunement is a constant work of exploration and Soul evolution, and on each level it can only activate greater levels of Self awareness and expose your potential, but the work of conscious integration is an inner process of Soul embodiment!

We can explore our Galactic signature in different fragments of Creation:


Universal Self journey (12-folded)

Galactic/Stellar journey (7-folded)

Planetary service journey (4-folded)

Personal Self mastery journey (3-folded)

My purpose is to serve all Life in Creation!