What is Cosmic convergence?


We are shifting into becoming more Galactic & multidimensional in our integrated awareness! We are being activated and tuning into the subtle realms more profoundly. The Core of the Milky Way Galaxy relates to the Grand Central Sun and through it we are receiving "Home" Soul attunements and activations. This is all a part of a greater "experiment" in Creation called the "Galactic convergence", where all the timelines/realities are shifting into a unified consciousness of One. Convergence basically means the coming together of many different parts, from many different sides and realities, of course. Something much Greater is happening within this great Galactic shift that we are experiencing collectively and as individuals, and it makes us all feel something new. Sometimes this may come as a sudden rush to start a new venture, or try something new, and at other times it may come as an impulse to totally change our life. We are the creators of our reality, and at the same time these Galactic influences are pushing us forward. Galactic heritage is beginning to awaken within us, and with this comes a greater understanding of our path. The moment when we understand our "dharma" within the Whole of Creation, things will feel easier and everything will begin to fall into place, because we have made peace with who we are on a Prime level.

 As the timelines are converging, many Cosmic Masters in training are emerging. The dormant codes of Light are Now ready to be received, transmitted and emitted in greater depth, for everything always works according to the Great Divine Plan of Perfection in greater understanding of Unity consciousness. From the perspective of Source, which is the Great Unknown, everything works in unison and all Gateways are simply triggers or reset points, which are the points of sacred harmonic convergence. From a multidimensional perspective, each convergence point is like a "dot" within the multidimensional and multilayered patterning of Light, and as these convergence points progress and "add-up" to each other and upon one another, layer through layer, things from a multidimensional standpoint progress, open up and deepen. This comes from within our own Self and is simultaneously occurring on a deeper Macro/Cosmic level as well!




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Everything flows from the micro to the macro and vice versa, so it's important that we begin to feel how every aspect of us is also playing out within the greater nature of Creation, such as a particular planetary system and Star system, as well as on greater Galactic and Universal proportions. Our Galactic guides are here, letting us know that they are not only our helpers, but actually our own "future" selves that are converging with us in order to unify. They are reminding us that they are here, even if we can't always see or feel them. They simple live within us and the nature of our Galactic brotherhood. As we expand, we will attune to higher realities and truths that surround us as well. Yes, a lot of us are converging into this Higher Octave and the more we do, the more "contact" we will have with our Star brothers and sisters and the more we will be able to guide others who are joining the brotherhood in Unity consciousness. They are bringing us a message of assistance and cooperation, and as we do so with them, we then need to pass it onto others as well. This is the nature of ascending realities.

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Here is a short video presentation of Cosmic convergence!

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4. Stellar influences & Soul journey

5. Mastery, evolution & transcendence


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The course covers the following topics:

1. Introduction
2. The Cosmic Perspective
3. The Earthly Perspective
4. Ascension Integration
5. Ascending Relationships
6. Ascension Exercises

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It all began with Harmonic convergence back in 1987 when the Galactic Pulse began to awaken, and Now this process is moving to a new level. With this Galactic convergence process there is also a Harmonic resolution or dissolution unfolding, and so old things are still coming up, and by transforming it through the sacred Fire within the Galactic pulse of Life and Cosmic assistance, we are stepping through the Ring of Fire. If we wish to begin a new Cosmic chapter, we need to get activated in a Galactic sense and open up to something much bigger, greater and grander. The spiral of Creation is taking us on a new journey, and it's a physical one just as much as it's an ethereal one. It is one that holds much more Soul Passion for us, and the choice is still ours to make.

How do we make that step and transition Now? Well, through Self attunement, contemplation, and the Silence of our sacred space that holds the key to inner knowing, while releasing control of what we want things to be like. There is a shift in our Light body and our overall feeling state, so the shift we are going through is immense. We can simply feel this shift, so we don't need to see any physical proof to feel that Great changes are happening within our Being and within all of Creation. There is a major opening taking place, and we are moving beyond separation into Unity. This doesn't mean that what we experience Now will be of complete Unity right away, but what is moving away will show us what is leaving our reality, so as it appears we can see ourselves waving good-bye to it as we are getting ready to write a whole new story. We are about to turn that leaf over and move on into something much Greater!

As we embrace this new Light, it will quickly move into our Cosmic Heart space, and we will feel that attunement in full knowing of when the next step begins and how. The importance lies in holding the space of Being within what Is, whatever that Is and however it comes up. Assessing things does not mean that we need to change things right away. That is the old impulsive way. The Way of the New is to simply create a space for that change to occur naturally. Our lower and Higher Heart and Mind are unifying as one pulsating Light of One, the pure White Light of Unity consciousness.

We are Now ready to experience ourselves as the multifaceted and multidimensional Self!


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