Where to find me?

You can find me in my sacred Mountain space somewhere in the middle of Alps. But truly, this is where to get in touch with me!

Personal services!!!

NOTE: Please know that my time and space are sacred, and therefore spent in constant devotion to Spirit, and so I only respond to private questions and deeper inquiries via my personal services intended for devoted individuals who truly aspire to dedicate themselves to their Ascension journey!


Due to personal privacy and protection reasons in my Ascension work and to prevent online harassment, I no longer have a public e-mail contact!


You can stay in touch with me via my social media. However, I do not use social media to "socialize". I use them to share frequency messages of Light and illumined Truth.


You can also join my ASCENSION COMMUNITY, the circle of Love built on unconditional sharing by becoming my supporter on Patreon, which is the sacred space for my Ascension group called "Illumined Ascension". The primary focus of this work is the illumined Beloved Union, with Goddess Love sessions and other Ascension themed topics.

I AM looking forward to connecting with You and assist You on your journey of Ascension and Self Mastery!

Here are some of the testimonials from fellow Divine companions!

"Dear Polona! Your work differs significantly from everything else that I have encountered and explored. The language is pure. I appreciate the lack of personification of archetypes and energies, which is, probably, the Elohim essence, non-dual. It bypasses so many unnecessary definitions, which just contaminate the mental body further. First I thought it is just a matter of style but now I realize that it is a level of consciousness, where one just wants to connect and embody the Essence itself. It is an honor to know you and to resonate with this work. Do continue to share deep content!" (Michelle Hasmik)

"Inspiration like yours and expression like yours goes straight into the One Soul of Humanity and enlivens it to awaken! (Bart & Jody Christy)

"Dear Polona Aurea, as a token of my gratitude I made a little rhythm for you, I hope you like it. Dear Angel of light, thank you for showing the gateway into the initiation of the White brotherhood of Light. As I learn to spread my wings and take flight, illuminating bright, so that others may find there own inner radiant light. Let us all unite as One eternal infinite being of love and light. Thank you again Serapina Light, may you forever shine bright, helping others regain sight into the infinite light. Wishing you infinite love, wisdom and power!" (Thomas Scarrott)
"Dearest Polona Aurea, I don’t have sufficient words to express how much your insight and guidance gave me great solace and understanding during a time of transition and merger with Pure Spirit Knowing that I had experienced and didn’t realize. You confirmed so many things I had been feeling and I now understand guidance at these deeper levels of mastery. That embodiment gives me the most “home” feeling I have ever had. I had been feeling that for quite some time and I now understand why. I feel so connected and true to who I AM. I feel it now at even deeper levels and I understand. Thank you so much for these great gifts of awareness. Your love, friendship, and guidance is invaluable. I AM so very grateful we found each other. With much love!" (Lisa Rayburn) 

"Hello Polona! I have been watching your YouTube videos all year and I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you do! I have been remembering my true nature, and when I discovered your Creation Pillar video, I cried in relief to finally understand. Since then, so many magical things have been happening! I am so grateful for you! You inspire me every time you make a video. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." (Karen Neverland)

"I wanted to thank you for everything you're sharing. I no longer feel alone in my lightwork. I had a dream that feels more real than the reality we have in the day dream, that means the Soul encounter where we are really there. You were there, In the front of that pirogue, guiding me and showing me the beauty I could no longer see in this world. When the river ended, we entered a kind of commercial center, and I tried to fly after you, but you were too fast. You seem pretty receptive, I found it fun to speak directly to your Soul in my mind. We shall see each other again in the daydream." (
Jean-Philippe Labelle)

"You have been doing an amazing job. I always feel so stable and safe knowing you are in those mountains, receiving the light and delivering her messages so boldly and full of grace. When I need to remember there are others here who REALLY walk their talk, I think of you. So thanks for showing up. You've blessed and enriched me experience here on this planet. Thank Goddess for you!" (Amanda Flaker)

"Dearest Polona Aurea Dawn! WOW, you are Magic!!! Thank you Goddess for shining so brightly! Your light is so bright and you are such an inspiration! Many many blessings much love always!" (Shaz Sass)

 "Dear sweet Polona Aurea Dawn! The discovery of Ascension Pioneers many years ago is profound, truly life changing, it would blow You away how my connection and self growth expanded due to it! At the same time it would confirm your own knowing of your path in every thing you share! Spirit of all that is, Is so amazingly beautiful. I knew many years ago that You are a bringer of a New Dawn, within myself. You are a queen bee to me, l don't put you on a pedestal in some projected way. You are in my heart in a loving way. You are my little Destroyer, You are a giver of life to me, an "Artisan of Tantra", the Art of Conscious loving that shows the Way. Spirit revealed the nakedness needed between the Dakini Essence You share with all and my own naked beingness. Thank you dear one for being uniquely you, and for being so magical!" (R Marzullo)

"Thank you a lot! You are doing amazing job with your YouTube channel and blog! I've been following you since 2012 . Your teachings and shared experience brought incredible transformation and changes in my life! Gratitude!" (Tomaš Tomašević)

"Polona!!! Thank you so much for all you do and give. My life has been so enriched since tuning into your videos about 6 months ago. Everything has resonated for me and has been such a gift. Much love and appreciation!" (Debra Tan)

"Polona, I just found your YouTube channel! Just listening to you speak in your videos is bringing me great expansion. For a long while I have been approaching my Ascension from the Ego, viewing the things that I have yet to grow past as something to "fix". Listening to you speak so much about our own signatures, light, spark, uniqueness, and unconditional love has helped me shift back into the perspective of my Spirit. Accepting and allowing rather than judging. Feelings of oneness. Seeing others and myself with unconditional love. Experiencing. Creating. So much expansion. Thank you! Very excited. Very loving. Happy. So much of everything. Thank you for being!" (Brittany Ashby) 

"Polona, I am reaching out to you because of the impact your teachings have had on me to go deeper into our existence. Since I've began watching your presentations, I have noticed a dramatic shift in the state of consciousness that I access. No longer are my thoughts developed in my head but rather developed by the universe. This has a allowed to be a healer in many situations especially utilizing empathy. I am very thankful for you and your teachings. I wish you nothing but warm energy and tranquillity during the holiday season. Thank you, with love." (Zachary Bridson)

"Dear Polona, I wanted to tell you, that while I see your videos several chakras are working like crazy and I'm deeply impressed about the things you share. I saw several teachers and learn every day, but I never experienced this. Thank you! Lots of love!" (Marc Frose) 

"Hi Polona! I've been following Ascension Pioneers for a couple years now, and it has been highly influential on my personal growth and spiritual understanding. I came across your YouTube videos while in the midst of crisis and your blog kept me going and helped me stay in the light. I'm very grateful to you for that. I learned so much from the videos and they directed my research and expanded my knowledge exponentially. Thank you!" (Jason Parsley)

"I have been following your work for about a year now. I can't even recall how I initially came across your Facebook page - especially as I am not on Facebook! But I am so glad I found you! You work, messages, stories, pictures and sharing deepen and support my own experiences and work. Thank you." (Katrin Colby)
"Thank you for your love & guidance it means the world to me! With Love!" (Kelli Walsh)

"Dear, sweet Polona! You amaze me with your accuracy and your messages lifted me up and renewed hope in myself and my life circumstances. I AM eternally grateful for your insight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" (Lisa Oe)

"Thank you Polona, from the depth of my heart! I am not sure why but your words touch me so much. It is like talking to my own soul. I cry and feel so much Love in my whole body. It is like you see straight through me and say exactly the things I need to hear right now. This has been an amazing experience to come in contact with you. You are a very special Soul. I have felt so much light in both my body and soul all day. Something is changing in me, to the better. Thank you do much!" (Anna Skånberg)

"Hi Polona! I would like to thank you for every video that you have made so far and that you continue to make! This is incredible information, and although your message always resonated with me, now each video that you make is like a response to something I am personally going through! And that's how you're helping me a lot!" (Marina Olwen)
"Hi, I've been following you for a couple months now and I love the journey you're taking us on. Onto a new harmonized World. I love the exercises for meditation too! I could really feel your Light energy! So beautiful, especially when you sing! My Spirit opened up like no other! You literally made me cry here at work! Thank you so much for sending your powerful positive vibes all across the Universe! I'll look forward to your new videos! Thank you so much again! I love You so much!" (Celia Herrera)

"Dear Polona, with all your services, and your sharings, You facilitate my return to Home. I can not start to even describe how much I appreciate You. I feel so blessed to have being guided to your Light in the immensity of the Internet. Your sharings are so helpful. Even if I can't see under the veils for Now, I know that I am not making this up, that what I feel is real. Thank you so much for sharing your Light and Wisdom, with so much love, grace and joy. Take care, enjoy your journey, and I hope you will continue to share all your beautiful and growing experiences as long as you feel call to do it." (Anissa Elfakir)

"Hi Polona, I was introduced to your videos by a friend earlier this year and have been viewing them. Thank you for all the Love and Light you bring in." (Rashmi Srisri)

"Dear Polona! My heart leaps in confirmation! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your Presence in my life has been a gift to me for several years now, as I have never even met another awakened soul in real life, I'm the only one I know. You selflessly sharing your journey, has been a true companion to me on mine. Lots of Love!" (Alison Blagden)

"Dear Polona, as always, thank you kindly for your service, I appreciate You! With Love!" (Jackie Warren)

"Golly Gee Holy Queen Goddess Polona! You are truly amazing and I feel so very blessed by You. Thank you from the deepest Love of my Soul." (Rachel Malcolm) 

"Hi there! I just wanted to tell you that I am so excited for this new and we are so supported in this! Thank you! For being such a channel of divinity and your own special unique configuration of Love!" (Ray Dawn) 

"Hi, Polona! Coming across your YouTube channel was literally a birthday gift from the Universe! Until next time, much Love and blessings to You!" (Yolanda Rivera)

"Dearest Polona! Namaste and Thank you! I'm just in awe. So much love and gratitude!" (Juliet Wong)

"Dear Polona! Since some time I have learned to follow my own guidance first. Thanks for this wise and humble reminder, beautiful. I always appreciate very much the universal truth that You express with such a clarity and simplicity. Much Love, gratitude and blessings to You!" (Estella Tabernero Pérez) 
"Hi Polona! I just wanted to write and say thank you for your beautiful truth and heartfelt guidance. I love the way you choose to convey your messages of light as I truly resonate with the deep timelessness of them and the way they avoid external events that we can so easily become attached to. Such a pleasure for me to receive and listen to, it all sang true to my soul and provided me with so much direction (of which I already knew true to me, it is time to trust … and Be). Your work is breathtakingly pure, the light that you shine into my life an undoubtedly many others is of utmost inspiration to me … a radiant channel of light! With so much love and gratitude from my heart I send my thanks. I am sure you receive much praise and gratitude (as you so deserve), but it is a vibration that I feel you can never overdose on. Know that your wisdom lights up my soul and I can't thank you enough from the depths of my heart! With infinite love and gratitude!" (Larrissa Cunningham)
"Polona! Wow, that's all I have to say! Thank you, I am in shock as to how talented and how powerful the accuracy of everything you say is, such clarity and confirmation. I don't admire you, I do however very much so believe in you and have great faith you will do all of the great works meant for you to offer our world here. I pray and ask with my whole heart and soul that I am able to do the same some day! So much love!" (Samantha Levin)
"Dear Polona! Thanks for letting me know that it will come to me in Divine timing. Big hug of Light!" (Rossie Gonzalez)
"Polona, the way you express guidance and put it all together truly helps me to see much clearer. You help me to raise my awareness around what I'm already feeling which gives me a greater sense of peace, faith, and trust. Thank you so much for providing this service and for helping me to trust in myself more." (Katarina Ilic)
"Thank you, Polona, for all of your inspirations, I follow you since 2011, gaining my power and feeling oneness! Much love to you and thank you!" (Anastassia Foss)

"Polona, I am so thankful for You and everything you do! You have helped me so much on my journey through all of your sharings via video & blogs. I truly am thankful. You are a Divine Goddess! Thank You!" (Michiko Bell)
"Gratitude Dear Polona! Big time Love to You! I hope that you can feel My Love and Happiness for You being here on Earth! In my remembrance of my true Divine Self! Love, Joy, Light!" (Susanne Saphira Hoglund)
"Polona, I wanted to let you know that I AM grateful for the deeper understanding and direction. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and others." (Renie Musser)
"Dear Polona, thank you so, so much. I bow to you, sister! Namaste! In love and light!" (Judith Weisner)

"Thank you so much, Polona, for staying so true to yourself and to others. You truly are a way shower, I feel it! Thank you again, Polona." (Dylann Stein)
"Hello, Polona! I'm so grateful for your guidance and excited for this new knowledge and perspective. Sending you Light and Love!" (Arvinlexter Soriano)
"Receiving your words, voice and energy within my senses, I am so filled with love. Thank you, sister. Within the physical healing, I so enjoy traveling together and sometimes wait at the gate for a love to share the path. I wish you wholeness within/without the path and remembrance of how truly beautiful, and magnificent your opulence radiates, loved one. Sending full breaths of life and love sister!" (Heather Stringer)

"Thank you so much, Polona! I follow your page and love your videos I always receive much energy and activations from them. I am learning a lot about my soul and energy frequency and how to use this here on Earth, it has been an exciting and bumpy journey so far. Thank you for all that you do! It's beautiful souls like you who help and support all of us "shy" souls to really open up to who we are. You are such an amazing catalyst and I admire that you stand in your own light regardless. It is beautiful! Love you, sister! Bright Blessings!" (Pauline Gallacher)
"Thank you so much, Polona. You made my heart sing. So thank you again for your guidance and love." (Tayler Jenkins)